Electric whine when monitor is in standby

I have an issue with two of my three Spectrum monitors. I think it’s an issue as only two out of three of them do it or maybe it’s the one that doesn’t that’s the issue :sweat_smile:

The issue is when I turn off my PC and the monitors go into standby mode I notice an electric whining noise. It doesn’t happen when the monitors are on or off or in standby by with the PC on. This electric winning noise is quiet but noticeable (and annoying) in a quiet room (library level’s of quiet or nighttime)

Is this electric whining anything to be concerned about? Why does it only happen on two out of three of my monitors? I would prefer silence from them when in standby :smiley:

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I wouldn’t be concerned so much as annoyed, but I’m super sensitive to high pitched noises. The fact that it happens when there is no video signal is a bit of a concern, though.

  1. What happens when you power them off, using the power button (not unplugging)?

  2. Have you created a support ticket for them? If not, I recommend doing so.

When there is no video signal, but the host device is still on and the monitors go into standby no electric high pitched noise. It’s only when there is no video signal and the host device is off and the monitors go into standby there is a high electric pitched noise

  1. Yeah turn the monitors off with the power button and the noise goes away.
  2. Raised a support ticket about a month or more ago… if it’s like other issues I have raised it takes about 2 months for support to come back to me.
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I know why I haven’t been around in a while - and it wasn’t anything to do with LNY. I’ve just been busy with stuff.

PM me your details and I’ll pass them on to CS and see where we are on your report.