EGPU with mobile chipset

Hi all,

I’ve been looking into a possible egpu to accompany the V for a while now, and one thing kind of astounds me.
There are laptop versions of most of the higher end cards. Those consist of chips that fit inside of a relatively flat laptop.

Is there any reason (besides maybe a slightly lower performance) not to put these kind of chips in a way more mobile egpu? To me it seems like such an obvious answer for the mobility problems with egpu, yet I’ve not found any mention about a mini egpu with such a solution on thunderbolt 3.

There may be very good reasons this could not be possible, but I’ve not managed to run into them though. Any thoughts on this?

Probably has to do with price and user replacability. You can’t simply go and buy a mobile GPU (unless on ebay ofcourse) for if the one in your eGPU is broken. Or upgrade it when you started with a GTX 1060 but decided you 4K monitor needs a GTX 1080 or upgrading when the next gen comes out or such. Also cooling would be a custom solution like in all those laptops, so it would get costly compared to a eGPU with a desktop GPU. Also a eGPU for the moment is mostly regarded as something that stays at your desk and does not need to get taken with you with every step. There are enough portable solutions for those who would want it for a LAN party. So I guess they don’t see a big market in thin, not user upgradable/replacable eGPU’s.

One of the only companies that I know that does something like a eGPU with mobile GPU’s is microsoft with their surface book. And that is mostly because they wat to promote it as a professional capable 2 in 1 laptops/tablet so the GPU in the dock is pretty necessary or otherwise it would mostly be a surface pro without kickstand and with laptop stand, so not really that different. Only big issue is that the dual core isn’t sufficient enough for real professional use according to the reviews. Maybe the next generation will get a quad core, and when reading the internet it doesn’t sound like I am the only one wishing for it.

It really depends on whether the software used is written to occupy multiple cores for one session or dedicate one core for the activity of one session (multi-threaded software, sort of). If it is written for the latter, then any additional capabilities for multiple core use wont make much of a difference.

That makes sense. I still wish there would be more portable egpu’s personally, but I see where it’s coming from.


One step at a time I suppose. I look forward to when we get past v1.0 of a lot of eGPUs (Razer, Acer, maybe Eve). The next step will be portable battery packs that perhaps hold mobile GPUs to game on the go.

I for one, would not mind a V for 90% of the tasks I do with a portable graphics enhancer that sends a notification in game when it drains both batteries to the point that it falls to 15%.

It feels a bit like I just proposed a Sega 32X for the Eve V. It is worth investigating whether its feasible and has a market, because you know gamers beyond that in this forum would be interested.