eGPU & V testing results

Thought I’d start this topic for anyone with a real V and an egpu to post their real world results and scenarios. There are lots of people curious about this! It may also help anyone looking to secure a purchase for Xmas 2017.

Perhaps folks can lay it out like:

V model
eGPU brand, model, RAM
Connection type / set up to and from what
Software tried


Amazon boxing day sale?

I think this is a great Topic- im surprised it wasn’t started before.

I am also looking forward to results here. Since I don’t have my Eve V yet or an eGPU I’ll just be a reader though :sweat_smile:

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And if possible for anybody: Try to connect a Windows mixed reality headset to the Vi7+eGPU. It should be possible because of the specs…

Here you go: ran the in-game benchmark in For Honor. Its the most recent title i have lol.

i7 V
XG Station 2, Strix 1070 OC 8GB
game loaded on external SSD connected by USB 3.0
Output to 3440x1440 monitor

edit: i’ve installed the 3Dmark demo, running timespy - i figure that’d be a decent comparison point. Beyond that, let me know if there’s anything specific i can try.


That’s with the V? Good deal.

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Would it be worth trying without the eGPU for a comparison ?

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and here’s timespy results. keep in mind i literally just stopped what i was doing and ran the benchmark, so it may not be perfect - background apps and all.

i figure nobody would actually meticulously end all processes before they hop into a game anyway.


Looks like that V is definitely going to be for me with a GTX 1060 or amd equivalent as an eGPU! Was kinda worried how it would perform, but that’s looking plenty sufficient for my use case!

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What do you plan to be doing with it, if you don’t mind me asking?

That’s exactly what I’d do, especially if it’s a demanding game and I want the best performance. :smiley:

Awesome, already on my way as I have an EGPU enclosure but did not get a video card yet as I did not know which I would get. Does anyone have any stats or score with an AMD RX580. Want to see how that stack up to the 1070 stats.

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Well I mainly aim for a smooth Adobe Creative Suite experience (I don’t mind some longer render times, most of the times I wouldn’t render on it anyways) but overall the using experience should be smooth.

I also need to be able to do some 3d modelling and CAD work.

Least but not last I’d like to be able to get a decent experience out of some more demanding games and a solid one on light titles!

Everything I said is only for use at my desk with an eGPU. On the go the V is plenty for everything I need! Office, some sketching or light illustration work, entertainment etc!


Oh hey - i don’t know if this’d be relevant to you, but load i have my games loaded on an external SSD that was connected via USB3.0, and the load times were noticeably longer than when i had the games on the internal disk. its like 1 sec when loaded internally and 5 secs loaded on ext ssd.

Also, just wanted to mention again that the performance gain of having a 1070 over a 1060 does not justify the difference in price. If i could go back in time, i would have bought the 1060 instead.