EFI Admin Password

I added admin password to EFI. Now when I try to get into EFI settings a password box comes up. If I type in the wrong password it says “Invalid Password”. If I type the correct password, it boots Windows. How am I supposed to get into the EFI settings?

Have you tried going to the EFI settings using “advanced start-up” in windows? Otherwise, I think repeatedly tapping ESC when it first turns on takes you to the BIOS menu.

The problem is, I put a password on the EFI settings. If I try to boot into EFI, by hitting DEL, then it brings up a password box. If I enter the password correctly, the V boots Windows instead of entering EFI settings.

If I restart without hitting DEL, no EFI password box pops up and computer boots into Windows as expected.

I was using ESC (not DEL) to enter the EFI settings, so you could try that. Also, instead, try entering EFI settings by using “advanced start-up” in windows (so you don’t need to hit any key to get into BIOS). If neither of those two options work, I don’t know what to suggest.