Early feedback / issues

Love the monitor so far. Definitely a few bugs but hopefully fixable by firmware updates.

#1. PS5 - several second delay switching to 120Hz mode (Destiny 2). Screen goes black before returning. At least I’m guessing that’s what it is.
#2. PC - several second delay (black screen) when loading a game (Battlefield 4). Since windows is set 144Hz, unclear what is causing it.
#3. Monitor OSD menu is only accessible if there’s an active source connected. Not cool.
#4. USB-C not working with MacBook Pro (but there’s another thread on that).

Overall, the OSD behavior needs to be cleaned up. There’s a lot of me pushing the button over and over bc I’m not clear when it should be responding. And the mode switching needs to be 10x faster.

The only other thing I see is that the IPS glow is more noticeable when HDR is on. Yeesh. But otherwise, despite coming from a 4K LG monitor, picture quality in Windows 11 still looks nicer.


Other thing that started yesterday. PC game going black and white on startup. Again, not sure if it’s a Win 11 or monitor related issue. It stopped after I rebooted.

This is a known issue for HDR, which should be fixed in a future firmware update


Awesome :+1: thanks for calling that out!

Mode switching needs to be instantaneous. It takes too long to switch from 120-60hz and half the time the monitor will get stuck on a black screen. Performance has to be a high priority for the next firmware update.

Also I’ve mostly decided to turn off HDR altogether. The minimal zones and backlight glow just don’t look good. At least I know not to look for HDR as a feature in a monitor going forward.