Dual monitor on Eve V i7 version?

Hello dear community,
I was wondering if anyone especially the Eve team (@iKirin) can give a feedback on connecting dual monitors to the Eve V?

It is interesting to know if both external monitors can have unique signal (not mirrored) and up to what resolution?
Which ports would be suitable to connect both screens?

Thank you in advance.

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 will be able to drive up to three individual display, so you’ll be able to connect two external screens and have each screen show a unique image.

The USB-C ports on the V lend themselves well for adapting to different outputs, and a USB-C to HDMI adapter should be offered on the web shop when it goes live. That said, you can also use these same ports to connect DVI or DP displays using the appropriate adapter or dock. VGA is possible but requires an active converter.

If your display has a native Thunderbolt 3 connection, it may be able to daisy chain the second monitor through the first and only take up the single port on the V (and maybe even charge the V through that same cable!), though you’ll want to refer to the documentation for your display to find out of the monitor supports that function.


Ought be it… sacrificing preformance.

Nice feedback, @Helios! Thanks!

Does any audio stream pass through the Thunderbolt 3 port?
Would be interesting to use the Huawei Matedock with 2 monitor ports and USB-C …

Any idea how well the Huawei Matedock (https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-MateDock-USB-C-Multiport-Adapter/dp/B01GNL92YY?th=1) could work in combination with Eve V?

Thank you in advance.

Another way to connect the V to a monitor is via Miracast (if the monitor supports this or by using a receiver).


+1 for me on this also. I currently use 2 x 24" U2414H Dell Ultrasharps with a Mac Mini as my daily driver. It’s a good setup and the family like using it too, though Mac OS is quite “simplistic” and frustrating.

Monitor #3 is on order, and will eventually run off my gaming rig when I get round to building it.

In the interim, dropping the V into this setup would be ideal. I’d like to use DP and Daisy chain both (or all 3) with a single cable if this is possible? Has anyone any experience with this?

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I don’t think Display Port allows Daisy chaining, though I’m not sure. You can just get a dock which allows multiple video out.

TB3 is the way to go if you can, it’s the most versatile of all of the connections on the V.

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Can I please resurrect this topic? What are people doing in practice for dual external monitors besides expensive thunderbolt docks? I’ve tried two USB-C docks, both meant to support dual monitors but did not in practice (one had an HDMI port and a DisplayPort, but the DisplayPort with an HDMI adaptor couldn’t go above 1024x768 resolution in linux, and didn’t work at all in Windows). Also, is it normal that USB-C to HDMI adapters are ONLY working for me if plugged into the thunderbolt port? I had thought from the above post by Helios I should be able to just buy two and have one on each of the USB-C and thunderbolt ports. This does not work. I’m sort of tearing my hair out trying to find an affordable way to connect two 1920x1080 HDMI external displays.

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In case anyone else has my problem - the solution turned out to be simple. I don’t know why I didn’t see them sooner, but Officeworks (Australia) stock a pretty affordable ($74) USB-C to dual HDMI adapter. This works perfectly when plugged into the thunderbolt port. I’d still like to know if it is normal that these do not work on the other USB-C only port on the Eve.

@Helios Could you please elaborate on the resolutions? On three external montiors what is the maximum resolution for each monitor? Does the laptop screen have to closed to be able to achieve this? Would I need USB-C to dual HDMI and Thunderbolt to HDMI? Ideally I would like 3x 1920x1080 displays, Does anyone have experience using a Plugable dock? Thanks

Hey. I’m going to buy second monitor FullHD. How about this sacrifice? Eve will work stable? what will be the bottleneck for this solution? Graphics card or processor?

I’ve been using a dual monitor setup on the V using a Thunderbolt 3 adapter to drive two 4k monitors. Don’t do it. It will be absolutely awful, the reason being that for reasons I don’t understand (possibly related to how TB3 works or the small size of the device) as soon as I connect my TB3 adapter with the two monitors the CPU temperature goes up by at least 10 degrees and triggers throttling. Furthermore, in my case with this setup I also had to attach the power supply as for some reason it wasn’t stable and the TB3 dock was losing the connection. I tried to lower the resolution as well, but there was no improvement (even though, due to the much lower amount of pixels, at least I could try and play Netflix full-screen… sometimes).

I don’t know how it will work with USB-C Alt Mode instead of TB3, but I don’t recommend using TB3 on the Eve V to drive external monitors. It could be that my specific dock doesn’t work well with the V… but I don’t recommend putting more than 50€ in the experiment, if you really want to try.

So, bottomline:

  • TB3: I have reason to believe you will be very disappointed
  • Alt Mode: no idea