Dual Boot. Multi Boot Surface dream

Okay, here goes, and no boos please. The only reason I haven’t bought a MS Surface is that I do like Android and already have an awesome laptop. What I need is a dual boot that is as good as a Surface. There are a few dual boots out there, but there soooooo slow. I don’t want to carry a Surface and a Samsung tablet. Hmm… and while I’m wishing, how about a multiboot like Windows 10, Android Nougat, and Ubuntu. Just saying.


HI @krew11uv!

While the idea is pretty cool, I hope you’ll be glad to hear that while we don’t officially support Android (due to us having pretty limited resources and we can’t really put much into pushing Android on the V) you might be glad to here, that it works pretty decently out of the box with Arch Linux :slight_smile:

More details for that Linux-topic can be found here:

If you got any more questions feel free to ask, I’m sure that our great community will answer them right away :slight_smile:


Hey! I was actually planning to try out multi booting my self. Do you have any suggestion for what host OS to use? I guys Windows is not the best host, but works fine alone or as a guest.

If you’re talking HostOS then I think you’re talking more along the lines of virtualization - which is also totally fine, as the V supports that as well :smiley:

Personally I’ve made very good experiences with both Windows and Linux as Hosts for VMs - however, my Windows experience is dating back to the good ol’ times of Windows 7, so I don’t know if MS changed anything significant there.

Okay, on my USB I have Yumi which has over 16 OS’s. BlueStack 2 allows
android on Windows. And I have a version of Nougat that runs on Intel. So I
suggest loading Ubuntu, Nougat, and Windows 10 with EDB Bootstrap. The
only issue is memory restrictions. 128gb doesn’t leave much as far as elbow

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The biggest thing is the Integration of HyperV into the consumer Windows Versions which makes some trouble if you want to switch from HyperV to VirtualBox and vice versa because of the virtualization services. But if you have never enabled HyperV it will not interfere and everything is fine :slight_smile: