Dual 4K displays with a 3070, PS5 and Xbox SX

So I received my monitors yesterday and have been goofing around with them for the day.

First thing to note is the packaging is fantastic!! Everything came perfectly and neat in one big box so well done for that.

After unboxing everything and plugging it all in I updated the firmware right away, which if you have a PC is a super simple process. Would love some OSX support though.

Since then I have been gaming across both consoles and my PC to test the HDR refresh rates and everything in-between. On my first display I have both consoles plugged in via HDMI 2.1 and then a DP cable for the PC and the second screen has a DP cable running from the PC. The idea is that when I am streaming or playing console I will be able to still use the PC for whatever I want.

This is where we come into an issues (unsure if its monitor or user error) when I play a PC game I want it in Full screen windowed so that if I use the second screen for whatever the game doesn’t close out. However when I boot a game up into full screen windowed mode its like it reverts to 1080p and only uses the top left hand corner of the screen (even though the game is in 4k). I can not for the life of me figure this out?

The second issue I face is when I load up any game on the PC, both screens go black for a second and then they both come back on. I don’t understand why this happens. I did some searching and found it could be a refresh rate issue but both monitors are set to 144Hz so I am also unsure of what is causing this.

On the PlayStation and Xbox side of things after a few tweaks in the setting they both work amazingly!! both make games look incredible and run at a really strong framerate!

Okay so I have spent more time on this and have figured out my first error

This issue was simple human error and not setting the games visual settings up correct. Soooo yeah my bad.

Still having issues with the second problem but will hopefully sort that out soon too.

Watched a bit of Netflix in the monitors today and my god they are amazing! Look incredible :heart_eyes:


Sounds like it’s changing the resolution. Check your resolution settings in game to make sure the y match your desktop resolution, or set it to borderless.


Thanks, Ill have a sus and see how this goes.

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How did you get low latency mode to come on with the series x?