Dragon Professional NUANCE

Hi @ all,
since I`m not that fit in technique …
Does any of you know, if my EVE V i7 will run Dragon Professional by NUANCE?



Is it just me or I smell advertising? I mean, seriously, my phone would run it.

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Hi @Michael_Pietsch1!

I think it should work pretty fine given we’ve put in 2 high-quality noise-cancelling microphones :slight_smile:


Yes, this is seriously phishy.

In addition to that, to be honest, I’m kind of fed up with people asking “will Eve V run X?” all the time. As if they are somehow unable to find the requirements on Google… and even if they’re so hard to find, why should we do the work? If you’re already using the software, you should know better what it wants from a PC…

Ok sorry. Rant is over.