DPC Latency on the V - please test ist. V suitable for real-time audio?

I am planning to use the V (if I get one) for audio recording on a professional base.

The DPC latencies are always a critical thing if this will work (among others).

Can @Team ore one of the testers/early owners test the DPC Latency with this free tool please???
Please report the results here.

This would be great.

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Can you give an explanation for those who don’t know - they may be able to help also.


How long should one run this program? :smiley:

I might have a certain magical m3 unit from a reviewer that was stunned by the performance of the m3 :wink:


It’s the notebookcheck one i bet :joy::joy:

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OK, let me explain.
For digital audio it is crucial to have low latencies of the the audio signal. An of course it is crucial that you do not have any kind of klick or dropout in the signal.

Sadly sometimes there is bad implemented hardware or a badly written driver wich is blocking the bus for some milliseconds now and then. This results in dropouts in the audiosignal. To avoid this you have to rise the buffers of your DAW (digital audio workstation / the software you are using) or/and the ASIO driver of you audio device. But with this you get latencies (the signal needs more time from in to out) - so you can not play/work live anymore.

One test of a system if it is suiteble for realtime audio/video is the DPC Latency. DPC=Deferred Procedure Call. This indicates if a driver will block the bus after a request from the system is send to the driver.

You get something like this as a result:
DPC Latency OK
DPC Latency not OK

Just for the record. The seurface pro seems to be quite good for digital audio. See here:

So it would be really nice if somebody could test it for longer than just 20 sec.
Just let it run a while without working to much at the V.
would be nice to get some results before the 4th of December :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best from the north if Germany.

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Well the south is here to help. I decided it makes sense to answer in this thread.



Awesome. Thanks also from me. I plan to use the V as well for audio: as a virtual amplifier with different software amp simulations for guitar/bass.

Wow, this is great news! Thanks for testing. I invite you to a virtual beer :slight_smile: