login issues: Incorrect e-mail or password

I think this deserves it’s own thread, after seeing a number of individuals (myself included) in the February recap thread, expressing the same concern regarding an apparent “bug” that prevents people from logging into their account, instead receiving the message stated in topic.

Rather than dilute the importance of any potential status updates that we clearly deserve, please use this thread to inform us when this issue has been resolved. If it’s happening to enough people then it shouldn’t be relegated to 1 on 1 e-mails that only happen when the customer becomes aware.

I shouldn’t have to explain the significance of addressing this when you have scores of people deeply concerned about the status of their orders and fulfillments. There is no “rest assured” while your reputation is this mired in controversy. Benefit of the doubt is a privilege you lost a long time ago…

Thank you.


this just happened to me and when i hit the forgot password link it said i had no account, so i hit create account again and entered the same details and now i have no order history even though my address is listed and still waiting on ES07D02 that has been paid in full for well over a year now.

i mean i wasn’t expecting for any change of status but i check once every few days just in case and now it says i have nothing…

i hope this bug is something that can be fixed quickly because this is just another thing on top of the dogpile that everyone is very upset about

They got it fixed quickly for me and were also helpful on the discord! Thanks @Aethel for the assistance :slight_smile:

If only they could issue refunds as fast as they fix this issue, guess refunds just aren’t a priority :upside_down_face:

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Ya, except my issue isn’t fixed. Which means currently (at least to my knowledge) the only way to “fix” things is to flag a mod down and tell them it’s happened to you. Even if that ends up being the “official” solution, it should be addressed and documented on these forums because we have no idea how wide-spread the issue is. People might not regularly log in to their account so we really have no clue how many people are affected. I started this thread yesterday and no official dough rep has yet to acknowledge the existence of this problem or give a timeframe for its fix. Even if it’s an easy fix, it should be given the proper attention it deserves.

I cant seem to find where they have the information for their discord… do you mind sending a link my way for it?

I have same issue: site tells me, that my data is incorrect

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I had this exact same sequence of events happen to me. I submitted a support request for this issue but I guess it’s a real big problem. I’m mainly replying here as I want a record in several places considering it’s nearly 3 years from initial backing without a monitor. :roll_eyes:

So I have figured something interesting out, Dough support has reached out with links to their website, changed my password, and everything was there. However if I just try to go to everything is missing again.

I realized that by going to and signing in there, everything is there. So it seems their international domain doesn’t equate to their standard non-international domain.

Support was helpful and everything was there, but maybe try checking to see if your order is there.

thanks for the update on the link. I tried login using my account to the US site and it didn’t work. It works once I used with my original Eve registered account. I am able to see my previous orders and my pending Spectrum monitor from almost 3-yrs ago…

hope this helps others.