account login not working

Uh - I just tried to log into the main site and after doing the captcha, the site says wrong email / password. Then if I try to reset the password, it says it can’t find the email.

Hi there!

There were issue we faced with the website which prevented users from logging in. Depending on your order, please proceed to either one of the websites below:

Let me know how it goes!


My account that i ordered with my 280hz Glossy Spectrum just vanished, i used to follow the status of my order on it,

Pressing on the password forgotten button gives me the message “No account found with this email address”

Could you please assist?

Hi there!

Sorry for the inconvenience! There was a problem with the website. Please try the solution posted above :slight_smile:

Hi Cas, I tried to log in again (US customer) and am still getting the no account found message. Feel free to DM me and I’ll send you my e-mail and order number if it helps tech support in their troubleshooting.

Dont let the haters get you guys down, I dont think these people understand what it takes to design and produce a new product, especially these days and doubly so for a new contender in the market. Good competition drives innovation in the market and you guys are definitely bringing a solid conyender to the table.

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This may help some of you. You need to create an account on the respective site that you ordered from, the community account is not linked to the vendor site, my order details were populated as soon as I confirmed the activation email.