Does your trackpad rattle when tapping on it?

Just curious of anyone else has had the experience that when they tap on their trackpad, they hear a rattle? It almost sounds like something is loose when I lightly tap on it. I’m trying to determine what the common behavior here before I open a support ticket. Honestly, its the least of my concerns right now; just trying to make sure I have a “good” unit. If this is normal (and its not normal on my SP4), it kinds sounds cheap. So I would probably recommend Eve fix this for the next round.

If we’re talking about the same thing, then both my SP 4s did/do this. If anything the SP 4 sounds worse when tapping them side by side. And I have to tap pretty hard to produce a sound.

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May not be the same rattle you’re hearing, but every SP4 I’ve used does it.

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Mine does not rattle.


Mine has a faint click feedback, but nothing close to rattle.

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No - fine for me.

Just get the click - like on the kboard