Does your charger have electricity leakage?

Hi, I have bought a EVE V i5 8GB recently, it seems that my charger has the problem of electricity leakage, when I charge my tablet with the original charger, I have used a test pencil to test is there a electricity leakage, you can see it from the screenshot, does anyone has the same problem?

Thanks in advanceIMG_20190517_222449IMG_20190511_225319


We knew it but you have proved it. Thanks!


Thanks for reply, it’s a bit dangerous I guess, I don’t want to get electric shock

I think this is related to how the pen is not accurate when V is being charged.

This was noted in the first few months after the V was shipped. You can feel a mild current on the back of the unit if it is bare. I have a “skin” on mine and didn’t feel it after that.


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Thanks for relpy, so if I keep it bare and doesn’t apply any skins to the back of my tablet I may feel the mild current? Will I get electric shock because of that?:laughing:

I can’t say I’ve noticed anything on my V but my previous Toshiba Portege laptop gives me enough of a current to be slightly uncomfortable when I rest my wrist in a certain position so I don’t think it’s an uncommon problem.

It feels like rubbing lightly over the ‘sticking side’ of tape. :neutral_face:

I don’t know exactly how it is with the V, but I had the experience with a Siemens Laptop but only in Countries with 110V even though I used a Charger with a Groundpin. In that case I had always around 100V on different points of the housing. But only a very small current which wasn’t dangerous at all. But still funny because if you typed on the keyboard on a certain position you felt a slight buzz.

It’s a charger issue I think.

I had the same with my macbook. And some other devices. Took me 4 years to figure out it was due to electricity.

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I have same issue like the charging is not safe or bad isolation.

Mechatronics (part mechanical, part electrical) engineer here!

I would guess that this is caused by “capacitive coupling” - a charge is transferred to the metal housing of the V. It’s actually more common than you’d expect for metal things, and (usually) harmless. While the metal can get a charge and feel a little “tingly” but almost no current will flow, and it’s current rather than voltage that does the real damage.

It happens because the charger isn’t grounded (the third pin you sometimes see on the plug) so the voltage of the housing can sort of float up because it’s not being held down by a ground pin.

Generally the tingliness from capacitive coupling is no more dangerous for you or your device than a slight static build-up. It’s annoying, but nothing to worry about.


I’ve noticed that tingling feeling in the past when moving my fingers past the topcase of Apple’s notebooks whilst they’re charging. Seems to happen with most MacBook Airs and Pros but doesn’t seem to be harmful. @IsaacB already gave a more technical explanation above…


It used to happen with my old Toshiba Portege laptop, particularly on the corners where the charge concentrated and just where my wrist naturally rested.

i actually liked the feeling… Can’t tell you how many times I mindlessly pet my macbook because of it :stuck_out_tongue:


No comment! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: