Does palm rejection work?

Im looking forward to buy an Eve V and wanted to know if palm rejection was working 100%? Thanks helping.

There were some issues with the first run of prototypes, and then the issue was fixed.

Seems to be working great now!


Yep it works! Your palm will be be rejected when you are using pen ')


Hi Konstas, to be precise, it is improved compared to the situation what we have tested with the prototypes? It worked already there but not as good as for example on the iPad pro.

Yes we did make adjustments to the hover distance and palm rejection performance!


Yeah it rejects your palm harder than my crush rejecting me!

[details=Just Kidding]No rejection is as hard as that double blue ticks

(Sorry for the shit post)[/details]


Thanks all for your answer!

In regards to the palm rejection, will it work with any app or just certain ones? I’d use the device primarily for writing and taking notes? The apps I’m interested in using are Evernote and MyScript Nebo. Will either work with the V?

Also, is there a list of all the apps tested with the V with results?

Palm rejection is not a software, it’s baked deep. It doesn’t care what app you’re using or if you’re using any app at all. It rejects all touch input when you use the pen.
And no need to test apps like that on Eve V prototypes, that would be a total waste of time. They’re just apps. They run on Windows → they run on V, period. There is nothing to test.


Thanks Paul! That’s music to my ears.