Does Eve's USB-C cable support Thunderbolt 3?

I’m waiting for my USB-C cable to arrive from Eve (spectrum already here) but just realised, if it doesn’t support Thunderbolt and only DisplayPort alt mode, my work laptop will only goto 30Hz and I’ll be better off buying a thunderbolt compatible cable instead.

So my question is: does eve’s USB-C cable you can order when paying for the Spectrum support TB?

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Spectrum doesn’t support Thunderbolt, only DisplayPort Alt Mode. Other than the fact that Thunderbolt cables also allow a high enough USB-C bandwidth for DP Alt Mode, why would the existence specifically of Thunderbolt support in the cable make a difference?


Uh because I thought Spectrum did support Thunderbolt, so I thought it would make a difference.


So I got two Spectrums and have been on a journey to get full RGB @ 60 Hz for both on my work dock. I have a ZBook 15 G5 for my work laptop and connect to my home office setup with a HP G2 TB dock. My gaming desktop is using HDMI 2.1 for my main monitor and DP for my secondary since my GPU only has 1 HDMI port and I want to get 144 Hz on my second monitor with DSC. This leaves only HDMI or USB C ports on my secondary monitor for my work dock. For my main monitor I connect DP to DP to my main monitor and get full RGB @ 60 Hz. I first looked for DP to HDMI cables, but all of those use old DP 1.2 and would not work. My dock has an USB C with DP alt mode port so I next tried a USB C to USB C cable, however my dock does not seem to support DP 1.4 and limits me to 60 Hz @ 422. My next attempt is getting a DP to USB C cable from Amazon and seeing if that works better.