Does Eve V have Simultaneous Pen & Touch capabilities?

Hi there, I’ve been wondering if the EveV is able to perform touch and pen input simultaneously? Because I’ve been wanting to use toolbars like TabletPro so that I don’t need to rely on keyboard all the time. So far I can’t, is this a firmware or hardware thing?

Here’s the link to the video performing this action:


If you use the pen, you have to wait about 1 second to use touch, so i guess not.

Anyway: i really really really really reaaaaaaaaaaly reaaaaaaaaly believe that is an awful idea for most people. When we write, we generally tend to put our palm on the paper (or in this case V screen) so having touches which change the focus sounds just horrible.

Even at this point i still want something like a toggle for my V: disable touch at all until i enable it again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: whenever i am using my pen, as i believe that 1 second is not enough and i get all sorts of weird behavior.

This is especially annoying when using photoshop/illustrator and i have to click a tool and then paint and then click again something: i am used to resting my hand before drawing which doesn’t happen now.


Well. I haven’t personally found a use for it… like in photoshop, i draw with my right hand and i’ll pinch/zoom/rotate with my right hand also.all my left had does is hold firmly on to the device

i found that after windows calibration the pen is much better than just using the hand. especially when i need something accurate done.

Oic, I can totally relate :frowning: I kept having that problem when I first got to draw on my V. Now I’ve adapted and have since started drawing with palm off the sceen.

My guess was that I would be able to work better with this feature, but after reading your comments regarding the issue, it brought back some bad memories of my experiences with it.

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is this a V thing or a everything thing? because holy shit is it annoying.

what exactly is annoying? that the delay is too short? that it is too long?

not sure who controls it tho.

I got a Samsung GalaxyBook after completely giving up on the V. You can look at my posts, most of them (there aren’t many) are asking about how to calibrate and use the pen–> and actually having the pen be useful at all. The ONLY reason I bought the V was for stylus/inking use(I was in 2nd batch of Early Bird). Otherwise I would have just bought a decent laptop, because what’s the point of having a smaller tablet style w/ less powerful processor.

(FYI: I bought the ultimate maxed out version - i7/16GB ram/1TB drive)

For what it’s worth: I couldn’t get the pen to come close to decent function. Then had problems w/ the keyboard/tablet connection - a flickering that was noted by many. Now? It simply won’t turn on. It appears not to be charging, so I’m guessing the ports are loose. It’s a brick. I had really high hopes for this…but…

In any case, if you are looking to do a lot of inking the Samsung GalaxyBook is great. Samsung uses EMR (Wacom style) for inking, which I find to be superior to active stylus. Many people find this to be the case. Drawback of the GalaxyBook vs. the EveV is the Samsung chose to go w/ an “origami” type keyboard instead of a kickstand. The keyboard is pretty good, but the physical support for the tablet while drawing is pretty hokey. I’ve found some ways to work w/ it, but it would still be better with a kickstand. The GalaxyBook2 has a kickstand, but they went w/ Snapdragon 850 processor for some unknown and stupid reason.

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