Does Eve V 2017 support Windows 11?

How about Eve V original - does that support Windows 11?


Hi, @Skyking

I verified this with the team. The V 2017 does not have Secure Boot available. So as long as that remains a requirement for Windows 11 when it gets publicly released in its final form, the V 2017 will not be officially supported for Windows 11.


Project: V | Everything Touch - #16 here it says it DOES have secure boot???

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Hey, @adt!

Eve V 2021 supports secure boot, TPM 2.0, and subsequently Windows 11. On the other hand, Eve V 2017 does not support secure boot, so shall the Windows 11 requirement remains the same, this new version of OS will not be officially supported on Eve V 2017.


Hi @Lore_Wonder. Will Eve be providing a BIOS update for the original V so that it supports secure boot? I assume the hardware supports secure boot as it’s a recent machine, so it’s just a problem with the BIOS.


I would love to be able to upgrade my V 2017 to Win 11 but I don’t expect to be able to do so and WIn 10 will be supported on ‘older’ hardware for a while to come.

Eve’s resources are limited and would, I think, be of more benefit to both Eve and the community if they continue to be utilised on the new products. And of course, from a purely financial point of view, to rewrite the old BIOS would be a costly exercise with no financial return whatsoever.

All those sentences would tl;dr to you suggesting Eve shouldn’t invest time in supporting products they released. You sure that’s what you want this brand to be known for?


Not really but I can see it might read like that. I’m saying that, given limited resources, it’s best to deploy those resources for the maximum benefit of their customer base.

I would suggest that Win 11 compatibility is probably not high on the agenda other than for technophiles (like me) who always want to be able to have/use/upgrade-to the ‘latest and greatest’. I also doubt that many other manufacturers in a similar position will upgrading BIOSes for Win 11 unless the relevant codebase is still in use for current products.

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Using this test: GitHub - rcmaehl/WhyNotWin11: Detection Script to help identify why your PC is not Windows 11 Release Ready. Now Supporting Update Checks!

On my v00001 Eve V (Kickstarter 2017) with Intel(R) Core™ i7-7Y75 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.61 GHz

I get this result:

Nothing about secure boot, only the CPU. This will be disappointing if this it the case.

@steveg I think your detection script is not working correctly. If you look at “device security” in Windows 10 settings, it states that the Eve V “does not meet requirements for standard hardware security”.

@brightonBreezy I disagree - I doubt there are many manufacturers that will not provide Windows 11 support for their laptops that they sold in 2020 for $1000+, so Eve will be an outlier if they don’t provide Windows 11 support for the V.

Also, I would imagine that customers considering the V2 (and the spectrum) will take into consideration the level of support that Eve provides for the V. Eve very quickly dropped support after release for their T1 tablet, and if they do the same for the V, that does not look promising for the Spectrum and V2.

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The Windows 11 insider Preview runs on my 2017 Eve V.


The Insider Preview has a reduced hardware check allowing people to run it on unsupported hardware.

See Preparing for Insider Preview Builds of Windows 11 | Windows Insider Blog


I just installed Windows 11 on the Eve V 2017 without any issues. As mentioned above, the CPU is the only unsupported hardware even though it is 1Ghz and above. I used the 64 bit ISO, registry edit, then install by mounting ISO method. Took about an hour. Instructions here: The easy way to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPUs - The Verge


I have done the same thing. It seems to be working OK in Windows 11, though I haven’t checked everything like pen input etc. Hopefully Microsoft will continue to provide Windows 11 updates to unsupported PCs.

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Did a bit more checking in Windows 11:

  • Thunderbolt (including 4K 60Hz display output through a thunderbolt docking station) works fine
  • Pen input works fine
  • Trackpad/keyboard works connected with pogo pins and through bluetooth
  • Responsiveness seems to be similar

It also did its first update fine. The only thing that may not be working is the calibration tool as the windows 11 color settings may be interfering with it. I can’t tell as I don’t know which is the correct color profile!

It still has the tablet mode flickering on/off issue when the keyboard is detected though it’s less obvious that it’s happening in Windows 11.

Anything that anyone wants me to check - do say!

I had installed Windows 11 insider and since videolan 3.0.16 can play but react slowly and video totally broken stream legal udp iptv like does well windows 10 pro same release of videolan ! Big shame,
Is not hardware issue but Windows degrade performance of GPU Intel 615 (obsolet programming)

My second issue, I did not find the way go back to windows 10 ! (i had bypassed the 10 days (too short) for restore to previous version. (i have only windows 11 restore)
I did remember the original version build of windows 10 pro was sale with it ?

I can run Windows 11 on mine … a bit sluggish and showing its age, but definitely works.

I toyed with the idea of upgrading mine to Win 11 but, as the V doesn’t meet the official minimum specs for Win 11 I decided not to as I didn’t want to suddenly find that I had problems following a future update.

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Installed Win 11 EDU a few weeks ago, everything works in the same speed as it did in Win 10. I didn’t find any problems.

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I have had the full version of windows 11 installed and it is working fine… apart from one thing. If i put the computer to sleep or hibernate, it will connect to the wifi but then will say that I am not connected to the internet. like i say this only happening if i softstart the computer

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