Documenting Screen Blanking on FW 107

My Eve 4k is still blanking, however it seems the issue is occurring more often now. I have attached videos here that show it. Eve 4K Display connected over HDMI 2.1. Blanking occurs regardless of connection type. None of my other displays ever have this issue.




MSI Z370 GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

Eve Spectrum 4k
Asus VE247H


Hey there,

It seems to me that it’s more like flicker than actual blanking, since it happens only for a split second. We say blanking when the screen blanks for a few seconds at a time.

Is this phenomenon happened as well during wake from sleep?

Anyways, thank you for the videos. What are your in-game settings?


what worked for me was disabling freesync in monitor settings. I would try disablign that and see what happens

It completely blanks at times as well. I have documented this issue before I think.

The display also suffers from a long wake-time. The LG display with the same panel takes seconds, the Spectrum takes a minute+

In either case, the flicker is a significant issue and very noticeable when gaming.

freesync isn’t an option I think.

(It’s an nvidia card anyway though, so gsync is there)
I would prefer to leave it on given it’s a feature

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Adding my notes on screen blanking to this thread for others to find.

I started experiencing this issue after switching to HDMI 2.1 from DP1.4 on a 3080ti with the latest GPU and Spectrum firmware.

There are three ways I’ve found of getting G-Sync to work on v107;

  1. HDMI with VRR on. This causes occasional screen blanking of ~3 seconds during gameplay.
  2. HDMI with VRR off and Low Latency off. This caused similar flickering issues to your video, particularly when frame rates are low.
  3. DisplayPort with Adaptive Sync on. This doesn’t have any screen blanking issues.

Using HDMI with VRR off and Low Latency on or DisplayPort with Adaptive Sync off both caused games to load with a permanently blank screen in my testing.

You can test if G-Sync is enabled by using the Pendulum test from Nvidia here;

If you’re able to select the G-Sync option within the demo you’re good to go. Bear in mind when changing settings on the Eve Spectrum you will need to disable G-Sync in the Nvidia Control Panel then re-enable it in order for it to work.

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If you could try disabling it to see if that is where the issue lies we could see about providing support for this in future firmware updates etc. or see what the cause is more in depth.

Thanks you for providing these notes. Especially with Nvidia, issues with HDMI can be driver issues as they do not test for HDMI in the certification process, for some reason.

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Is there a way to get into the 108 beta to test it?

Hi there,

The most current beta test available is on this topic.

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Screen blanking, yes. Screen flickering, yes. Slow to wake from sleep or doesn’t wake at all. Sometimes it just completely stops responding and I have to pull the power plug.

Can’t even change my preset now, I try to and the screen goes blank and doesn’t change until I switch the monitor off and on. Monitor turns back on with no preset loaded.

Starting to look for alternatives, kinda tired of beta testing this thing for Eve.

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Hey there!

Sorry that you are facing issues with your monitor. I want to investigate more, particularly your case.

Can you please share with me your setup: CPU, GPU, cables used, OS version on your system, and what kind of connection you use for the USB hub (if you are using it at all)

Based on the other post, you mentioned that you are on the latest firmware (107). Can you please also confirm?

Please share it by replying to this post, or just send me a DM. More details, the better. There is a possibility that it can be a hardware issue as well, but let’s do the diagnostics first before jumping to a conclusion.

Ryzen 5 3600X, RTX3070, display port, Windows 10. USB-B.

M1 MacBook Pro (16"). MacOS Ventura and whatever the previous OS was for Macs. USB-C connection/hub.

In saying that, I’m not a beta tester for your hardware/software. I don’t have time to be constantly testing everything. I know/have tried (and read) enough to know it isn’t my cables or setup causing issues, it’s your product. There are so many known issues it’s a joke.

It will be easier for the vast majority of people to simply save up and buy something more reliable. This has been such a disappointing experience all around.

So This problem still exists sadly.

@Cas as stated above

MSI Z370 GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

Eve Spectrum 4k on FW 107
Asus VE247H

I agree, their product is still a joke. Best to save up and get another monitor when the time comes.

Recently switched my cable from HDMI to DP 1.4 and seemingly all of my blanking issues are gone.
Windows 11
Intel 9700k
RTX 3070Ti

Do you mind sharing what brand DP 1.4 cable you’re using because I have been having black screen issues. I have a 9900k and 3080 and while it does happen less when disabling hdr and vrr/adaptive sync it still happens.

It will always happen when the resolution or framerate changes. Yes, you can minimize it by disabling HDR and VRR, but especially VRR is causing a lot of troubles for the monitor and it’s such an important feature, so turning it off is crazy.