Dock Station with small, simple GPU

Hello mates! I saw this today: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock Costs as Much as a GPU but Features a Thunderbolt 3 Port and Discreet Graphics Processor and I think this is perfect device for me. I need dock station with ports and I think about small eGPU. I don’t want to play Witcher 3 on UBER on V, just smooth work with Adobe CC. I think something like external mobile graphic card should be fine, 2GB. Something like in Surface Book 2, but build-in the dock. Yes, I know, wait for Donald Dock, but I can’t wait any longer. Can you suggest something similar to this Lenovo product, or maybe other solution for this? I think that docks like here: also have some GPU, am I right?

The only egpus you can buy on the market at the moment are in this list. Best eGPU Enclosures - August 2022 External GPU Buyer Guide The docks in the link you provided are only to have more ports and charge the device, none of them have gpus.

There’s also already a topic about the Lenovo graphic dock


In regard of eGPU you don’t have to wait for Donald Dock… It surely won’t have any…

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