Display uniformity

It’s great the screens are calibrated but can we have a backlight uniformity breakdown?

I had asked in a post a while ago and someone flagged Konstantinos but it never got covered or acknowledged as far as I could tell? :slight_smile:

You mean how uniform the backlight is aka. if there are spots that go down to e.g. 100nits while the rest stays at 400?

If you mean that - we don’t have an exact number for that, but at least when looking at the prototype, it was not noticeably darker/brighter in any specific area (at least I could not tell) :slight_smile:


Hello, the display brightness is usually measured in a six or nine square grid to see if it’s brighter at the edges or sometimes in the middle.

It’s not usually too noticeable to the eye but can have an impact on photo editing etc

I think it’d be a great strength to show the quality of the panels and would potentially interest a lot of image editors who are usually welded to their chairs :slight_smile:

The monitor calibration company should be able to do it, perhaps ask them if they can do it?

And not to wind up a point that’s dying down but I’d have been happy to do this if I’d have received a prototype, maybe the opinion leader can do it? :wink:

(said in jest for some levity)