Display port screen resolution issues

Hello I am connecting a Microsoft Surface tablet via the display port, but for some reason I cannot get the display at full screen.

Any ideas? This does not happen on a work monitor I have.



Hi there,

It is because the resolution you are running on surface is not 4K. I suggest updating the video driver, then set the scaling to “Full Screen”

There are 2 main causes for this issue.

(1) Scaling settings in your graphics driver

I think that the Surface tablets use Intel integrated graphics, so right-click on your desktop and see if there’s an entry for Intel graphics settings.

On my laptop, the first screen shows a bunch of categories down the bottom. I select the first one, Display, and the next screen looks like this:


You’ll want to change the Select Display drop-down so that the Spectrum is selected, then look at the Scaling section at the bottom. Maintain Display Scaling is the best option, as it allows the Spectrum to scale the image. Maintain Aspect Ratio would also work - the GPU will scale the image but will add black borders if your selected display resolution isn’t 16:9.

(2) Windows multi-monitor mode

Windows defaults to “duplicate” mode, where the same image is shown on both screens. If the screens are different resolutions, the lower resolution signal is sent to the higher resolution screen.

You’re probably better off setting the display mode to “extend”, which causes each screen to act independently. You can do this from the Windows display settings, or you can use the keyboard combination Windows + P to cycle between modes.

Thank you guys, unfortunately there are no supported drivers for the surface 3. It’s a bit dated but the issue still happens with my Samsung device using Dex. I’m starting to think it’s the monitor.

When using the display port I can’t even select the aspect ratios under the monitor options. Any ideas?