Display port and HDMI ports not displayed when powering on monitor

I went to power on my spectrum today and when i did so only usb ports were available to select. After unplugging and re plugging the monitor in the display and hdmi ports were available to select, but upon doing so it says no signal even though everything is plugged in. I have unplugged the monitor several times and all hdmi and display ports to no avail. I still get the “no signal” message anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on hoe to fix it?

Hey @The_One_Above_All

So after connecting all the cables the monitor still shows “no signal”? How are you trying to connect Spectrum? What cables are being used?

I’m having the same issue…

Are you able list what cables you are using for connection to spectrum? @TW

Hey Aethel! I actually bought a new cable at Best Buy today. Works now!


Hey, Glad to hear you got it working! If you encounter any other issue feel free to DM me!

Hi there, I’m so sorry about the delayed responses. I was out of town on holiday. All cords were connected and it wasnt giving me the option for hdmi’s or display port. I am using the hdmi provided with the spectrum for my PS5 and the same display port cable I’ve been using since I got the monitor. Strangely enough the issue seems to have fixed itself… not sure why, but everything is working again.

Hi there,

It is a mystery sometimes. Maybe you did a power cycle while you were away?