[DISCUSSION] What do you think about Polaris/Pascal?

So, since Pascal has now been announced by Nvidia and the reviews will come online may 17th, and AMD has announced their Polaris event for 26th to 29th may,

So, what are your thoughts on that? :slight_smile: Just discuss it here and have fun! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for bringing the topic up. From my point of view, NVIDIA is aiming at the top-tier gaming enthusiasts with the GTX1080 and GTX1070, while AMD might go for the best value for money, judging by the rumours.
Excited to see how Polaris turns out.
Just hope that we can use one of these beasts with the PF via an eGPU enclosure.
The Core M will bottleneck them, but I’ve seen massive improvements in this area from DX12. Perhaps we won’t encounter this issue, or atleast DX12 will remedy the situation so that bottlenecking is reduced.

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NVIDIA marketing is as good as ever. Slides that represent only a slice of experience, good keywords, some testosterone fueled thinking… and people are exited, people love that. Good for them!

AMD, in their normal fashion, will low-key the launch, the design will be great, and they’ll fail to capitalize on the quality of their technology.
Or, maybe, they will be able to make some proper money out of it. I hope this will be the case.


Yeah, Nvidias marketing is pretty damn on-point.

I feel AMD was a bit lacking in their marketing, however with the 970 they pretty much used the 3.5-debacle to it’s fullest and still people bought the 970 over everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I personally hope that AMD doesn’t low-key it this time around as if Polaris 10 can deliver a Fury/390X Performance on a 250$ price-point they’ve got a beast on their hand.

Also, my personal prediction for the increased power of the 1080: 25% bump over the 980Ti in general benchmarks! :smiley:

Why do you always want AMD to win? Lol, I’m on neither side, I’m on the side of those who deliver a better experience. Since the prices are really similar.
Oh, BTW, in my understanding the 1070 is actually faster than 980.

During the presentation, NVIDIA said that the GTX1070 is superior to the GTX980 Ti in certain tasks. So its certainly faster than a 980.
Their marketing is quite captivating.

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AMD’s event is at the end of this month. Can’t wait! :grinning:
Source1: Official PC Game System Requirements Optimization News, Rumours, Benchmarks Sends Out Invites For Polaris 10 And 11 GPU Reveals Later This Month
Source2: AMD Hosting Press Conference To Unveil Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 Graphics Cards Later This Month - Press Invites Sent Out

I don’t want AMD to win, I want them to do better, so they put more pressure on Nvidia, so Nvidia pushes out better products and thus AMD has to make better products :wink:

Or the other way around, Nvidia pressuring AMD thus AMD making better prodcuts, thus pushing Nvidia to make better products and so on :wink:

I want both sides to do great, and since AMD is currently struggeling I want them to do better - we can see in the Desktop-market what no concurrence does to a decent company. Max. 10% IPC-boost and 10% more battery-life every cycle :wink: (To say it a bit over the top, I know Intel does more)


I am agnostic to the Nvidia vs AMD debate (I buy both) as I really want both companies to succeed and thus create healthy competition and compelling video cards. I watched the Nvidia event and was left impressed with the GTX 1080 performance and efficiency gains and $599 is awesome news. I am really curious to see how 1 X 1080 will compare to the 2 X R9 390X in crossfire as I wouldn’t mind replacing those two with a singe card. The 2 X R9 390X work great but they heat up the office in my house quite a bit. It was great during the winter, but will not be so great in the summer :joy: :joy: :joy: Although I lived through 2 X GTX 9800 gx2… no AC was capable to keep the room cool in the summer with those beasts :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Yeah, I agree with that… The worst part of Intel’s CPU lineup is their force-locked multipliers. All the processors are capable of at least a little bit overclocking. And the whole point of overclocking was to boost the performance of a CPU without paying much more. In the good times, tech enthusiasts could get better performance for the same price, at the expense of increased overheating risk, and probably loss of warranty. I would do it if I could. But now they’re forcing us to buy $100 motherboards and much more expensive than normal processors to be able to do it.

one of first benchmarks of Nvidia 1080, if Polaris 10 will as close to fury x as AMD promised, then… bad news for Nvidia, since 2x price for 1.25x (if Pol10 will be ~90% of Fury X) perf boost isn’t nice thing http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/gtx_1080_ashes_of_the_singularity_benchmarks/1

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If the Hitman Beta we saw at Capsaicin is to be believed Polaris 10 should be at least 100% Fury if my benchmarks hold true :slight_smile:

Also, just check what I said in one of my previous posts regarding performance:

Because, if 10% extra boost come from hardware async (as do with the Fury X) then we’re left with 25% difference to the 980Ti.

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there will be pol10 with 4096 streaming processors (64 CU)?
Otherwise it’s just because of higher frequency(which can be achieved easier with smaller chips)

No, it doesn’t feature 4096 SP, but rather 2304, however in a much higher version. And don’t forget that the 390 is pretty similar to the Fury in terms of performance - at least in the Hitman Demo which I mentioned is the only thing we have available.

It’s not much, but what we have looks to be nice. As does with the 1070/1080 :smiley:

Interesting thing that according to data from these tests, 1080 is just 1.14x better than fury x
Seems like Pol10 will be able to outperform 1070 and will be close to 1080… It will be undoubtedly funny

They didnt brag with DX12 for a reason hehehe
1607 is base clock, 1733 is boost clock.
Their marketing bragged about results on a card that was 33% overclocked at 2144MHz!!!
They say 180w but pcie + 8pin grab 225W.
Their marketing is blinding people.
nVidia is a liar.
And will get hit again like it was with 3dfx back in the day…
Again @vithren, we think alike lol

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They allow a maximum of 75 (PCIe) + 150 (8-Pin). However, PCIe + 6 Pin would only allow for a maximum of 150W usage, so it’s understandable Nvidia put an 8Pin on it if they specify the TDP with 180W as a 6Pin can’t satisfy it.

So, I won’t be as quick as to jump the bullet on that.

And we won’t know if the benchmarks were made on the 2 GHz-card, however it’s normal business practice to cherry-pick your benchmarks. AMD does the same :wink:

Yeah, we didn’t see any DX12 footage, however in Doom with Vulkan they had an average of 140ish FPS - we don’t have any comparisons on Vulkan-performance in Doom unfortunatly, but I’m looking forward to it (aka. Doom with Vulkan and Vulkan in general)

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Personally I already work on a AMD RX 480 with Polaris architecture for rendering and CAD and I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:
Rendering Benchmarks with Cinema 4D are pretty good and the power consumption is as advertised really low.
Also we use it in a second Computer as a MediaServer for Events for bringing Videos and Clips to Beamers and LED Walls and it does a good job there.
So for work it is a really good card, for a good price and low power consumption.
Can`t tell for gaming since it is build in our computers at work :frowning: