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Hi everyone!

We have just published a project update for Spectrum OLED. This time we covered everything about design. Please click here to learn more about it!

Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comment below, and looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!


Customer feedback on our current monitor design has been very positive. By building on what we did right, we laid a strong foundation for Spectrum OLED.

I think you also need to learn from what you did wrong. Being an owner of your existing monitors you paint a very happy picture of the existing monitors when the truth is different. Be more transparent with your failures and how they won’t happen again.

I love the fact the monitors are designed by the community requirements which is why I backed the ES07D03 in mid 2020. They have an amazing specification and feature set such as the KVM. But the screen blanking, usb-c up stream not working with various laptops, usb hub restarting when resuming from idle and other various issues need to be resolved in your OLEDs. These are all firmware and hardware choices that could have been avoided.

Then let’s not forget about the elephant in the room of I am lucky customer with a monitor and there are plenty of people without a monitor and or cancelled and no money back

Also never had any support tickets I’ve raised resolved, followed up on and most seem to have been ignored.


Great share, I am liking the three tier cake-level design. It’s a great aethestic look that makes the monitor backing slim, much better than the LG OLED 27GR95QE-B. Would only advise that we keep an eye on the durability of the the panel to the first panel base.

Otherwise keep, leverage and improve on what worked in the 4K Spectrum. Then fix the technical issues (see the first post). While it’s great to listen to what customers want please give yourself enough time to lockdown, validate and correct bugs. This launch needs to go smooth for Eve/Dough to survive.

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Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more on this.

This post covers the topic of design only, but for sure, in terms of firmware, we are doing all to ensure that the issue does not happen. The fact that Spectrum is one (if not only) monitor that comes with user-upgradable firmware means that issues are kept on being worked on for a future fix. As reiterated multiple times in the past, Spectrum OLED is built on customer feedback. USB hub restarting, for example, is one reported issue that is added to the checkbox of things that needs to be fixed for Spectrum OLED.

Thank you for the feedback. The design will for sure check on the durability aspect before it enters mass production.

This comment sums up everything. Having already 4K Spectrum launched means that we have plenty of data to move forward with. But this does not mean that we simply forget the original Spectrum, as we are dedicating a team for ongoing firmware development.

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So you deleted my comment about ghosting every 1440p 280hz customer? How professionell! Yeah it had nothing to do with the Design of your OLED Monitor but cmon i rly just want an answer. Understandable, right?
The Design of the new Monitor is sick. Like the design of the other monitors , that was one reason i bought it!

The Spectrum is now far from unique in this regard.

  • MSI has at least 13 displays with user upgradeable firmware. (The list of monitors is in a table down the page.)
  • Dell have a support page on how to update monitor firmware.
    • The G-Sync compatible version of the Alienware QD-OLED monitor (AW3423DWF) has user upgradeable firmware, with only the initial A00 version available. The G-Sync certified version of the display cannot be updated.
  • The recently released Cooler Master Tempest GP27U has user-upgradeable firmware. There have been several updates in the last couple of months.
  • While not made obvious by Samsung, users on Reddit have compiled a list of firmware updates for the Odyssey G9.

Those Samsung G9 updates date back to May 2020, when the Spectrum was still in heavy development, so the Spectrum isn’t the first monitor with this capability. However, the Spectrum does appear to be the first monitor to advertise user firmware updates as a feature.


Curious to know, how was the Tcon board originally connected to the PCB? I’m pretty sure is some wiring, cable or connector mating to attach it to the PCB. Moving it off center is definitely going to increase the distance and possibly the length of cabling will need to make sure that still operates within LG’s specs.

Also seeing how that Tcon board is super shielded with a metal plate, it looks like it is being used for other instances

  • The 4 screws look to be grounding the Tcon plate to the PCB and then to the metal backplate.
  • The Tcon metal plate looks like it is also being used to shield the PCB where most of the DDIC (Display Driver IC’s) the PCB looks like it will still need some sort of shield otherwise you may pick-up some EMI.
  • How is the display driver IC dissipating heat? Will replacement of the Tcon board make any changes?


With the design being finalized, the next thing on the milestone list is probably the first assembled prototype. Any thoughts on when we can expect that?

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We like to think that the design is one of the main selling points of Spectrum. It has also been backed up by feedback like yours, and we thank you for your purchase.

It is completely understandable, and I sincerely apologize for the delays that occurred with shipping. I wish I could come up with better news, but unfortunately, I do not have any updates. This topic of shipping is something that we bring up almost every day internally, so we have zero intention of ignoring customers at all.

Stepping aside, posts that stray from the main topic will be flagged and deleted. Moving forward, please, by all means, you are more than welcome to bring this discussion to another relevant topic. This topic, however, is not the right place to do so as we are solely focusing on the design elements of Spectrum OLED.

The only thing that connects T-con board to the rest of the component are four screws and two flat cables. The changes were discussed with the panel manufacturer themselves, and no errors or other issues are expected.

There is no other component underneath the T-con board, so moving it does not expose any other parts.

At this point in time it is difficult to tell for sure, until we have prototypes in place. There will be additional heatsink in place (which is not part of the panel). The next stage is the EVT stage, where we make sure that all the electronics work as intended.

From what I have gathered so far, expect the prototypes to be ready by February due to the Chinese New Year.


That is a valid point. Notably a lot don’t offer Mac clients either but rather a method to update via USB.

Dev definitely made the right move going away from that pillowed design, I like what the team came up with.

Did anyone do a little corpo espionage at CES? Did ASUS do something like heat-pipes and a blower fan on their design? Seems like the riser assembly creates a decent amount of space for a cooling stack, I wouldnt mind the sound of a cooling fan or having to replace it if it wears out. I thought this was neat tech: Solid State Active Cooling Could Revolutionize Thermals - YouTube

This guy makes a good point of showing side by side OLED panels with and without a heatsync. I’m yet to see one of these torn down, but I imagine they are talking about a heatsync that covers the entirety of the back of the panel. He’s got a great sense of humor too: Asus Teases 27-inch 240Hz 𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙀 OLED Monitor… with Custom Heatsink? - YouTube


In the latest update, I’ve become a little skeptical that the monitor will be delivered on time… with only 6 months left until July seeing how a working PCB sample is not even available yet does Dough expect they can get their printed circuit boards delivered, validated while preparing production and shipping logistics? Someone prove to me this is possible. This is a very aggressive release timeline, six months seems possible if engineering prototypes are already in-house now and starting validation. From the graph below I just don’t see it. Be prepared to wait…

With that being said, this is only the EVT Process. There is still DVT, PVT


I just know that if they delay it one time, I’m just going to ask for a refund immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts. Dough won’t make a promise but I’m sure they have got the message and won’t make the same mistakes. I can see why they delayed their first monitor. I mean it’s their first monitor right? They have to get everything right and functional. As of now, they should have it under control so I’m expecting their oled monitor to have no delay… @jwcdis


@Ricky_Martinez They have making products since 2016 and have delayed every single product they have ever attempted to make, some for more than 2 years. Take an example, the glossy 4k monitor was only a minor tweak to the 4K Matte and it is already over 7 months late. The fact that Eve/Dough keep finding new customers even though they never deliver on time, they don’t pay refunds for people who cancel and their warranty support is pretty poor shows that they don’t need to worry about making the same mistakes - and, are you sure they are mistakes?

Based on past experience, it’s 100% certain that you won’t receive the OLED in July - I would predict that the earliest you might receive it is in 2024.

Note that the July date is precisely 6 months from the January order date. If you have made a payment over 6 months ago, often the bank chargeback route to get your money back doesn’t work (they have a six-month limit). Therefore, at that point, you have to hope that Eve/Dough change their current policy and provide a refund if you cancel. It’s a strange coincidence that they make the delivery date 6 months after the payment date.

I’m concerned but not surprised. You have to wonder if they even care about improvement.

I understand the hesitancy folks have; having to wait for a crowd-funded new product does require some patience. I got through the process for the original 4k spectrum and I’ve generally been happy with my monitor. While I’m cancelling my pre-order (after some thought, decided I’m fine with my 4k Spectrum + I just got a Sony OLED TV for my other PS5), the specs are great for a 1440 OLED monitor.

But I’d say my big ask in general from Dough is to ensure that firmware issues and usability bugs be a high priority. Input switching shouldn’t take several seconds and flakiness of the monitor turning on when the PC boots shouldn’t be a thing. Beyond that, the specs look great and if these monitors are using the MLA OLED panels, that’s even better.