[DISCUSSION] AMD Polaris 10 Performance possibly leaked?

(Infos and pictures taken from [wccftech] (AMD Radeon R9 480 "Polaris 10" and R9 470 "Polaris 11" Series Might Launch in July - RX 480 With Better Performance Than R9 390 At 150W TDP))

So, as it seems the beans have been spilled and we’ve possibly seen a leak for the performance of AMDs Polaris 10 chip - the larger of the 2 new upcoming 14nm GPUs by AMD.

We can see 2 cards here - one with a closing C4 and one with a closing C7. Assumptions say that this are a possible 480X for the C7 / 480 for the C4.

So, given that a 480 should be in the area of a 390 in performance and a 480X more in the area of a 980 or even a Fury.

From what we know Polaris 10 should have a TDP up to at most 150W so that sounds also great for a cool system!

What are your thoughts on this possible development? Do you think Polaris 10 might compete with the 1070? And how much do you think it’ll cost? Discuss here


I think that in real life and DX12 Polaris will be SUPERIOR :relaxed:

I think AMD said several times that pol10 will cost ~300$… If these results are real, it will be bad news for Nvidia (90% perf for half a price compared to 1080). But I think it’s actually OCed pol10 vs standard 1080. AFAIK 480 will be very close to 1070 in terms of performance

I want to see Polaris 11 (the affordable one) in action. I’m more interested in that one, as perhaps the PF could use it without a high performance drop due to CPU bottlenecking.

Just get an Nvidia card and be happy. You don’t need to deal with all those glitches in games, and shitty driver updates. Nvidia doesn’t do that bulls%$#

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I’ve been using NVIDIA for my entire life, change is good. Maybe not.

Paul, Nvidia is by far not perfect either :wink:

And as someone who had to deal with AMD drivers in 2006 (THOSE were bad) I can tell you that their drivers are now on par with Nvidia - sometimes the green one is better, sometimes the red one. (Since 2013 when I built my PC their drivers were pretty decent acutally)

And since AMD is in the underdog position currently they can’t do some shoddy things like telling you you’ve got 4GB VRAM and only have 3.5GB accessible with full-speed. Or make you register to get the latest beta drivers from their site (so that are not WHQL certified). Or make you register for more than 2-way SLI (1080). Or make you pay 100/75$ more for a reference cooler that is out earlier than the custom solutions somehow.

Nvidia needs driver updates as well as AMD, both have glitches and are not perfect is what I want to say. Don’t fanboy one company but give the other one a chance as well if they offer you a better hardware at the given price-point :slight_smile:

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Nothing is perfect. However, I have never in my life had a single glitch because of Nvidia’s driver updates. And I’ve seen way too many guys bragging how their AMD’s haven’t crashed for entire 4 months! Wow. Just wow. My Nvidia hasn’t crashed for entire life.
Also, never heard of any kind of registration for Nvidia. I used to download beta drivers hoping they would fix my half-dead graphics card. No registration.
And 4GB is not a lie… You do have that 4GB, just that you can’t use 0.5 of it in SLI, from what I’ve heard. But I don’t believe Antony would do 4-way SLI, LOL. This is not PC master race, we don’t need 50k FPS on 8x4k monitors.

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Unlike my home AMD-Intel build, my not-home NVIDIA one crashes far too often for me to forget about it.

It’s like @iKirin wrote, you have a portion of your RAM accessible at lower speed, which in specific use cases be problematic.

Also, the Founders Edition? Amazing marketing move, NVIDIA. To sell the only chips you have, that will be slower than the non-reference ones, at higher price points and make it look good… amazing.

About the thread itself:
I don’t want to be optimistic, but another RV770 would not be bad.