Dirty Keyboard - Eve V Review

I believe this review was posted along with all the other reviews over the last week and a half on a separate review thread.

Before watching this review I was more or less fine with all of the previously mentioned flaws from the other reviews like battery life, pen, speakers, etc. However after finally watching this one in particular I was immediately disheartened when hearing about how dirty the keyboard and tablet get. It still didn’t completely sink in until someone made the following comment in the YouTube comment section:

“The dirt magnet keyboard is worrying. I had the same problem with the equally cheap Acer switch alpha 12 and had to return it, I was ashamed. When you go to a classroom (I am a teacher) or to a meeting with this thing full of dust it looks like you are a dirty person (while you are simply collecting the dust in every table…)”

“man this king of keyboard get dirty as soon as you put it on a table. The table looks clean, but then as close the tablet you see it has collected all the dust that was invisible on the table but very visible on the tablet, so no, a bag won’t help”

I don’t think this will bother most in the community the way that it bothers me given that most aren’t dealing with clients where perception, professionalism, etc. are extremely important. I visit my clients dressed in a collared shirt and pants at the bare minimum; many times I often wear a suit.

I’m not pointing blame here, just am disappointed. I guess I didn’t realize how important this was at the time I ordered as an LEB back in November/December of last year. This was mentioned back then but everyone wanted Alacantra, worse I think I even voted for it. I just didn’t tie it to me visiting clients and them seeing the finger prints all over the tablet and the dirty keyboard.

Maybe I’m over reacting?

On a constructive note going forward since the hardware is a done deal, what can I do to keep this keyboard clean? Use a lint roller? If I give it a few swipes before a client meeting am I good to go?


find in youyube the video where Konstantinos make demonstration of cleanig V’s keyboard


It probably depends on personal preference. I can say that the Alcantara on V keyboard feels extra nice, and it can be cleaned with relative ease… but it depends how bad it looks from other peoples point of preference. Just my opinion.


To be totally honest I really do think that keyboard is quite easy to clean. My advice for you is just to wait for the V to arrive and then make another post telling about what you think about how easy it is to clean it!


Lol I hope so :slight_smile:

I have to admit while I do like the look of Alacantra what you are saying is worrying, Dust and lint bothers me alot, so much that I usualy take out my current laptops keys out and clean them at least every month, One thing I would like to know is how hard are they keys to take out?

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Well I would say that you shouldn’t really do that…

I like that review, it’s very balanced… except when they compare quad-core CPUs with the dual-core in the Eve V. It’s like mixing apples with watermelons: still fruit, but comparing them by size wouldn’t be fair.

I do share some concerns regarding the ahestetics of both the keyboard and the device itself after I start putting my fingers on it: it will really look very dirty very soon. Still, that doesn’t seem a major issue to me.

In Eve’s position, I would take note of this review and try to address (or take into account) these issues in an eventual future next iteration.


I know taking out keys in laptops is not exactly the greatest Idea, I have already damaged my current laptops Caps lock key by doing this

But too much dust really bothers me alot, and using an Air duster doesn’t get all the dust on my current one.

Yes, it worries me too. It wouldn’t be a problem if the keyboard was grey, but being black, it seems the perfect dust magnet. Let’s see how you feel about it when you have it in your hands. It could be a great reference for others.