Digital Camera for cross part branded lenses

Hello everyone,
i’m fascinated with the whole concept of the crowd sourced eve-v - it’s as it should be designed for the ultimate end user, in terms of performance, looks and design. i’m an early adopter!
but why stop there?
i’m also a keen amateur photographer, always looking out for what’s out there in the market. there’s just not one item that wraps it all. then i started thinking - why not crowsource a cross-party compatible digital camera?
one with all the key specs of the high end cameras such as full frame, at least 36mb resolution sensors, mirrorless, dual card slot, wifi, bluetooth, vintage look (i love the fuji x-t2…), hdr, 9fps, expandable iso, raw, dpi adjustment…

…but more importantly, an inovative cross-party compatibility with the key lens manufacturers, such as canon, nikon, leica…, with a removable bayonet ring to suit each lens brand. make the camera, re-invent the bayonet ring, and take your favorite lenses with you, regardless from where they come from.
this would totally revolutionise the world of professional photography!
all the compatibility would then rely on the software. that can’t be too hard to sort out…

Or, unlike pc components, it will be and even then, because of the cost on every step of the software and hardware development, it will be an expensive slash niche product.
One should not underestimate the amount of effort, money, time and experience that’s needed to develop any kind of product.

The only “easy” part about ideas as these is writing down “it can’t be that hard”. Yes, it is, every time. Ideas are free. It’s the execution that matters and is never-ever free nor easy.

In other words: while I understand enthusiasm, I doubt it can or will be done, for good reasons.


Just look at Olympus. They make really good camera but struggled for years. There is no big market and newcomers have it even harder because a camera is a complete ecosystem. And the software part seems to be a really difficult part in camera development, especially if starting from the ground. It’s not like just throwing Windows onto it.

Also, as the market stands right now: If you want a camera that
looks great (at least in my opinion)
has a class leading sensor (which, lets face it, is really what the camera is about)
has top of the line lenses and support

then what you are looking at is the Sony Alpha Series. I use them for my photography, and I love them. There are, at least for what I use them for (landscape, portraits, astrophotography, the occasional video) basically no flaws. And of course, one of the best things about them is since the flange distance to the sensor is so minimal, almost any lens (from Leica micro 4/3 to canon or even Nikon) can be used with an adapter.
That means that there is not really an angle for a camera that can use ‘any lens’ because it pretty much exists with the a7sII and the a7rII.

Also, as @vithren and @hellBENder have mentioned, the camera market is an extremely competitive place, and you can read about many people who have tried to make a dent in the market, and just cannot keep up. In the 12 months it would take (probably) for a community to even just come up with the concepts we would want - besides the fact that photographers vary extensively in their requirements for a camera - Sony will have updated the alpha line once or twice, with even more amazing sensors, and thanks to Zeiss, unbeatable lenses.


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