Different opinions

I’ve noticed increased hostility towards people with different opinions from many, namely towards myself and to others, often in the form of digs and flagging of posts for having differing opinions.

Is the forum really full of delicate snowflakes or is it just a hardcore few that can’t tolerate that some don’t fellate (metaphorically speaking) constantly?


Maybe the attitude you are showing against others is something that needs fixing too?

Calling people snowflakes is a pretty nice way to make people like your post no matter how on point they are.

This post is a great example howyou SHOULDN’T post



We are all snowflakes, just to remember you.


It’s a genuine question, I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t understand me, I wondered if it was an intelligence thing?

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As I have read your posts, they are always written in a hostile character since the very first post. They also attack people personally, and you attack everyone who disagrees with your own opinion by calling them for example “snow flakes”. One person can’t flag your posts themselves, as it takes multiple flags to hide a post, which means that more than a few people find your posts agressive. Blaming people helps no-one, and maybe this forum is not a place for flaming. I’m not taking Eve-tech’s side here but simply reacting to your post.


That is not a genuine question. Responding here by trying to make it appear as though you think it is and didn’t mean anything by it is not only passive aggressive, it also insults the intelligence of yourself and other members here.

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I’m not insulting the intelligence of anyone, genuinely if you read the post it is replying to it’s personally directed to me and is hostile, my only take on that is some kind of low intelligence either that or they’re plainly unpleasant

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Different opinion of yours doesn’t mean low intelligence. … and yes, “cheers” is very hostile…


I’m still laughing my eyeballs out on “fellate” :joy::joy::joy:
Still, if 8 out of 10 people think that one is rude, then one must ask himself, AM I REALLY?
I guess :blush:


Totally appreciate the feedback, what is it that makes the posts from the start hostile?

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I suppose if Trump has been elected he must be a good leader eh? :wink:

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Totally yeah :+1::joy:
Logic dictate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers isn’t hostile, it’s a thank you.

“Which seems to be the reason why you keep on ranting and repeating the same negativity over and over again.”

This is the bit that is to me hostile, I’ve had it right from the beginning, i offer my thoughts and opinions as well as constructive ways to improve and I’m singled out for ranting and repeating negativity, this is where I think people have the issue. Aside from that it’s being inferred that I’m being “negative” for some reason to do with bad publicity when all I’m doing is pointing out that keeping people happy and informed is a better way forward… It was an unpleasant thing to say yet no-one has flagged it.

Even in this last delay point, I pointed out very clearly that the frequency of updates and attention to computex seemed to be at odds with keeping the consumer happy. Low and behold konstantinos is now going to do more updates regularly, but pointing that out originally because it wasn’t wholeheartedly agreeing with the way the team were going about things is seen as negativity.

And that aside it’s only fair in my humble opinion that people who have endured this many delays and lack of updates are allowed to post their opinions whether folk think they’re negative or not.

Hope that’s a bit more explanatory and helps understanding


Well, technically the majority of the people voted for Clinton :stuck_out_tongue:

And to your question: I think it’s a mix of you coming newly to the community and starting to complain in a way that is perceived as rude combined with doing so in a huge amount of posts. Coming newly to the community in the means of starting to post more frequently :wink:

I understand that you think of your questions as real talk, but for most of us they got beyond that, because you just posted the same with minor iterations over and over again. It’s really not that the team doesn’t know about our frustrations. They have the same ones. And way more money to lose than we do. So, I see them even more as victims than I do myself. And blaming them won’t help anyone. This is all my personal opinion, of course. I can’t speak for anyone else. Just try to be a bit more polite and think about how people could perceive a comment :wink: and if you think that someone is aggressive to you, just ask, if or why it is so :slight_smile:


Trump wasn’t elected by the popular vote.

I think i see the forum as conversational where people with differing views can discuss, often when the view is seen as negative it’s then seen as hostile and then it’s pounced upon because it isn’t saccharine.

I no doubt will repeat myself but I tend to try and only do that in the midst of a conversational interaction about our differing opinions.

Like some of the posts I’ve had flagged are so far from needing to be flagged, which as someone has pointed out has pushed me to describe these people as snowflakes which is honestly likely a bit incendiary but I’m offended and the admin team doesn’t seem to back me up as it’s automatic so what other option do I have to point out that people are just being way way to sensitive and that they should tolerate other views with out flaggy mcflagging.

I figured calling people snowflakes was the shortest and simplest way for people to understand what I was inferring about them that they’re being too sensitive, it’s like a metaphor which I thought was usually fine.

I think they just wanted to avoid speculation and want to rather give hard facts than just a sentence that is like “screen problems again, stay put”. If you just write things like that the community would explode for a week. Or at least that is what they fear, I guess. I agree, that you can do something like that, but I also understand why they didn’t. And I don’t think that it was meant as a tactic to fend off critics during bad times, but rather because they don’t like to post half-baken stuff.

To the new post: I honestly don’t think that you’re getting flagged, because of your opinion. But rather because of the way you’re wording it. I’ve seen many of your posts criticizing the team being liked. So, you’re really not alone :wink:

He’s still managed to get in power through the process of election hasn’t he? Or did i genuinely miss something?

The point being that if something is popular doesn’t nessacarily mean it’s right, [insert godwins law statement here]

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yes, he got the majority of points which each state gives, the amount of points differs from state to state and he managed to get more of these “points” by a fair amount.

I missed Pauli. Thank you for making this community more interesting @Cluskey_Smith… You must have a bunch of time typing those comments. Could you please open a “introduce myself” thread?