Differences in battery life between the m3 and i5 model

hey guys,
I’m still not sure which one to buy. So my question: is there a difference in battery life between the m3 and i5 models when used for office (mainly OneNote). They both have 4.5 W, but I’ve heard, EVE set it to 7 W. In theory, the i5 model should last longer, because ‘race to idle’ should work better on a slightly faster cpu.
Am I wrong?

thx for ur answers

just spitting out some random stuff that doesn’t even answer to the question?

The battery life will be pretty much the same on both, there won’t be any “noticeable” difference


For your application, the M3 I chose should suffice. You can reduce the TDP DOWN in the UEFI. ark.intel.com

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thanks a lot guys :muscle: