Did you see razer core v2?

Looks like this overpriced gpu has solved one of the main problems of EGPUs By using two thunderbolt 3 cables , so there will be no gpu limiting by the
Thunderbolt itself but the main problem is , there isn’t many laptops with two Thunderbolt 3 supported USB type c .
What do you think about this ?

It makes it a very odd use case for me, though I imagine it will be ideal for someone.

If I need the full power of a eGPU and 2 thunderbolt 3 cables, is a laptop really what I am after? It looks like an answer in search of a question at the moment.


As long as the first dock drops in price it could be a decent option for future V owners.

That second port is only for the USB hub, so I’m 90% sure it will work with simple USB ports, just with lower bandwidth.

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It’s, in my opinion, not worth the money they are asking for it. If the price point was lower, I would absolutely consider it.

Yes you are right !
I’m slowly believing that you are gaben :grinning:

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Yes I am, here’s proof:

See? That’s me there :wink: