Did eve develop V with hot climates in mind?


Just curious.

Did eve develop the V with customer with hot climates countries in mind?

Have HEB user travel through hot and cold weather countries and feel the differences?

Note: My countries weather temperature is about 28 (night) - 35 (day) average. In the peak of summer is about 40 degree Celsius.

I tend to use V in the temperature controlled room but curious about will it throttle hard when I use it outside?


How hot do you mean?

Australian summer in Perth can get into the 40 -45 degree Celsius on some days.

I have not seen people with laptops/notebooks outside in that kind of temperature.


Thanks for info. :+1:

Some time like we sit in the bench in the park under the shades but the heat can rise about 32+ degree Celsius.

I know, it’s better to go in the air conditioned room. Just curious.

Is that because you’re inside :grinning:

I think I’d get kicked off the construction site roof at those temps - they closed the roof I was meant to be working on today - but I’ll sometimes end up on a roof doing commissioning in the sun in the mid thirtys. I try to keep my laptop out of the sun otherwise it gets too hot to touch on the back of the display.

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No!.. since it’s hell (summer) in australia right now, if someone in australia has a V right and would like to leave their V in the sun for 30min then notice if there is a preference decrease?

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I’m not sure I’d recommend that - the back of my laptop (Dell E6420 lattitude - gunmetal grey) gets too hot to touch if the sun hits it directly for a while. That wouldn’t be good for the battery inside the V or the screen.


I’m pretty sure if I left my V in the sun here in the Perth summer for 30 minutes, then I’d be able to fry my eggs on it for lunch.
(Last year some guy fried eggs on his dark blue car bonnet in the sun?

Leaving anything coloured black in the sun at those temperatures is what I would consider to be unintelligent and asking for trouble. Especially if it was not designed for those temperatures specifically in the first place.

Most electronic things can only handle operating in an ambient temperature of about 10 - 40 degrees C

I remember last year the battery in my Samsung S7 died when I was using it outside in temps below 0 degrees.
These batteries don’t like temps below 10 degree C.


My son was working in construction, and says they shutdown building sites as soon as the temperature reaches 37 degrees in Perth.

Yes, I try not to go out at temps above 42+ C unless I’m in a vehicle.

You’re right! Temps above mid 30’s start to generate too much heat in dark coloured objects.

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I have not found specific numbers but they did temperature tests: have a look at:


bonus feature, use the V as a grilling pan in summer!
Eve went through multiple prototypes and deliberation to get the paint just the right shade so that the V can grill you meat under the summer sun.


Thanks guys.

No need to place it under the direct sun.

Just under shades, will surrounding temperature make it throttle hard?

Edit: Just saw the test, it’s 45 degree Celsius testing. I think it’s work but will it slow down too much I’m wonder.

One of the next projects can be a combination Food-heater/Grill/BBQ/ 2 in 1

@Nirut in all seriousness, I don’t think anyone has properly tested or needed to test that aspect of the V.

Since it seems to be important to you then perhaps you can be the first to test and report it for the rest of us.

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We’ll need a faster CPU for that - perhaps a desktop 100W version!


tha’ts easy, vega 64 SLI + OC 6950X, no fans :slight_smile:

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Sure. When I got the V, i’ll report back. :grinning:

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Yo, Thai boy. Singapore boy here. I think I can answer you.

You guys australia have a dry heat - its 30C 90% humidity here in the jungle southeast Asia. Do you know how messed up that kind of humidity is? I’m not a scientist but basically it’s like swimming to work everyday (scientifically).

The BBC thinks there’s places we haven’t explored yet but they just don’t realise when humidity gets to 101% we go from jungle to swamp, so they get a bit lost when that happens.

Anyway I haven’t noticed the V throttle because of ambient temperature - sometimes when i connect my egpu and the V is tucked in the space between the egpu and the monitor then maybe there’s something - but then again, it’s also in a tight space with poor airflow and two much bigger things just farting hot air on it.

Could also be it’s the cpu having trouble keeping up with the gpu, or maybe the hub-in-a-hub-in-a-hub thing I’ve got going isn’t what usb 3 was meant for and it’s just the cpu going ‘hey man, wtf?’

But yeah. Don’t stick your V in [an oven/ your pants/ under the stairs] and the weather shouldn’t even be a concern.


Wow! In this kind of temperatures it is important to make sure that also you survive. :relaxed:


We have better here in Alberta (Canada) … in summer it can be easily over 30 degrees, in winter sometimes below -40 … plus in southern Alberta (Calgary) we have Chinook wind in winter when temperature changes by 30 degrees (-30 to 0) in one hour.


I can feel like I could melt from the heat!:sweat_smile:

But that’s nothing compared to middle east desert that I once visit that can be 48+ degree Celsius…

Thank you for your concern anyway. :smiley:

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Thank you very much for your information. :grin:

That’s really what I want to hear. :+1:

By your analogy, that’ mean we are half man half fish!