[DESKTOP] XBOX Series S and Series X. But with Windows

I think the CPU and GPU of the Series S and Series X are great. I don’t know how Eve could get their hands on one, but if possible, it would make one hell of a desktop PC for the size and the price.



We are looking at the performance of a Ryzen 3600X + RTX 2070 (series S) or RTX 2080 (series X) or Radeon RX 6700, which is incredible for the price the console is sold at. Even more incredible when we consider how tiny the Series S is.

Of course, customers wouldnt mind paying ~10-20% extra for the capability to run a proper desktop operating system, considering the consoles are sold at loss or very thin profit margin.

Generally, Microsoft is pretty lenient towards their PC OEMs, even towards companies that blatantly copied Surface hinges and form factors.