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Hi, i’m Andi. i’m visual effect artist for movies.
one of my showreel : MY SHOWREEL - VFX SHOTS FROM 'THE RAID 2 - BERANDAL' - YouTube

i found the EVE from youtube couple days ago. Actually that day i was trying to find the review of surface pro 2017 and accidentally found eve. My concern here is of course it’s related to my vfx job. For regular work (browsing/email etc) , i already have a small cheap hybrid tablet (i use chuwi hi10 pro which is cheap and so far it’s fine for basic work, and it’s dual OS where i can switch between windows 10 and android . Link = CHUWI HiBook 10.1 Hybrid Tablet Android 5.1 & Windows 10 Full Review - YouTube ).

Back to my expectation to use it to help me in my vfx work, i know i can’t compare laptop/tablet power to super highed pc. But this is great as it has thunderbolt 3 port , so i may think i can connect to external GPU power or maybe connect to super fast RAID HDD such as pegasus/areca/g-speed via that thunderbolt 3. I don’t think the surface pro has it. Again i may not force it to do such a hardcore vfx works. But as the support for doing small lighter vfx work like rotoscoping etc , it should be more than enough. Many of my vfx assistant doing rotoscoping using generic laptop and got no problem. My biggest concern here is the pressure sensitivity. As in my vfx work, i do a lot of digital 2d and 3d painting etc. The new surface pro has improved the pen , so it has great level of sensitivity and the major new upgrade is their pen can be tilt. Surface Pro 2017 and new Surface Pen tilt shading - YouTube

Here’s some example how the designer/3d artist/editor use surface pro :

so overall, i hope there will be a designer version of EVE with more muscle. The most important thing for me right now is to upgrade the capability of the pen.

Let me try answer from bottom to top…

My experience is:
The most important aspect of pressure sensitivity is having it. The absolut amount of sensitivity levels doesn’t matter that much. With 1024 levels, the difference between two levels is about 1 µm. A hair is 50 times thicker. The New Surface Pro pen has 4096 levels, which equals about 244nm. Both under the assumption, that the tip is pressed about 1 mm in. My measurement with the old Surface pen was a mere 0.64mm, the tip was pressed in between min and max pressure levels. So in reality, more pressure levels are only relevant on paper.

What really matters is tilt support. Being able to recognize tilt, adds a whole new dimension of pen options in Software, i.e. calligraphic effects, viewing options, shading, … Tilt is supported by the New Surface Pro pen and the Eve is working on supporting this pen. The additional pressure levels aren’t supported by the digitizer, but that won’t matter much.

The V has pretty much power for a tablet. While having a low power CPU (Y-series), it delivers more power than a full fleched Surface Pro 4 while having only one third of their power consumption. If you need more information and benchmarks, just take a look at a great summary post by @exialpho:

So in all, the V already has enough muscles to accomplish all the tasks you want it to.

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Though the CPU power will be very similar to the Surface Pro as long as you’re not stressing it continuously, the Surface Pro does have a better graphics adapter built in. So for 3D rendering and previews, it may have an advantage over the V. Until you plug an external GPU into the V through Thunderbolt 3: then we leave the Surface Pro in the dust!


Let me remind you, Eve is the name of the company, not the tablet… @Team could you please release some sort of clarification for journalists? Yesterday I encountered a dude from Windows Central who called it the Eve 5. This is kinda out of control, you know…


At this point, we are not approaching journalists. If any news outlet writes about us, their writings represent the depth of their research – in this case, the Windows Central journalist did not do his homework. If he missed your many corrections on the topic, then he would also miss any statement from us.

Once we do approach press and influencers, for instance when sending out review samples, we will make sure to include things such as press guides and review guides.

That all said, you are aware of our stance on these corrections. Lead by example and the world will follow!


As you can see, the world doesn’t follow… but whatever…

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Your company will be relying on these reviews and articles to get the word out about your product. By not reaching out to them about misinformation, you’re doing both yourself and your potential customers a major disservice. This applies to naming, pricing, the color of the sky…