Delivery to Ukraine and Russia


I would like to know what the current situation is with delivery to Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus. I understand that now there may be difficulties with delivery to these countries, but will it happen that the company will abandon its community in one of these countries? Is it possible to postpone your order if delivery in April will be impossible? Will the price remain? Will my particular monitor be saved, given that I made a pre-order 3 years ago and paid for it as fast as I could, including $310 for shipping.

I live in Russia and do not support the actions of my country’s government, but I understand that the attitude of people from all over the world towards me and my compatriots may be negative now. I ask you to show restraint.


Hi @NikGud,

At the moment I have no information yet about shipping to the countries you mentioned above. Although I am sure that there will be challenges. For that matter, I am not sure if it even possible for delivery to happen to the countries affected by war. But I will get back to you on that once I have more information.

We will not abandon our community no matter where you are coming from - decision from one particular party does not dictate the decision of everyone standing under the same flag.

For your ongoing order, I would recommend you to contact support. We can then assist you further and hold your order as necessary - given the current situation and hope for everything to get better soon.

Edit: Unfortunately at the moment we do not ship to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.


Thank you for your answer and for your understanding!
Then I will contact support and try to discuss different options