Defective keyboard, support unresponsive for months

I received my V around July, along with the pen and keyboard. I immediately noticed that the keyboard was defective: the space bar is sunken and doesn’t click, at least one key is deformed, and the trackpad has some sensitivity issues. I got in touch with Dough customer support on 2 separate occasions since then, and never received any reply. So I’m taking it to this forum in the hope that someone from Dough sees my message and does something about it.
Looking forward to a prompt resolution,

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Hey @guillaumedavidphd

My apologies that you have not gotten a response back yet regarding this issue! Can you send me a DM with your order ID, ticket ID or email address used and I will get that taken care of for you asap!


Well I apologise that you did not receive your product as expected. This should not have occurred… I would recommend contacting the support team, because they will surely be able to help… I hope anyway…


As mentioned in my original post, I contacted support twice and never heard anything from them. I don’t even have a ticket ID. Any other suggestions?



I have followed up with your message and getting your ticket addressed!