Dedicated Shipping Topic/Discussion|Poll

Hey fellow community members,

Before I start this topic, I would just like to state we at Eve appreciate all your feedback, and opinions. Being a company that specialises in crowd development without your input, none of this would be possible. We would like to extend that same courtesy to discussing things shipping-related.

While shipping Spectrum would seem very straight forward. From a behind-the-scenes perspective, It’s a very complex procedure with many variables to consider. An extreme amount of coordination is required for this ongoing process.

Currently on the community, we’ve been trying to avoid as much confusion, and speculation as possible. This led to our current stance of moderating certain shipping-related posts (this including people posting their own shipping confirmation up). To try to keep it as straightforward as possible for everyone.

We stand by our communication:

  • That shipping commenced from the 29th of June.
  • We have been shipping out orders in chronological order based on the final balance payment date.
  • Production is ongoing during the shipping process.
  • Express orders will have their tracking number provided when picked up by courier from our distribution centre in Hong Kong.
  • Standard shipping orders will receive tracking number when they have departed from corresponding regional warehouses. We are still working on the possibility of providing additional shipping notifications during the sea freight process, but have received no confirmation if this is yet possible.

Our questions to you our beloved community are:

  • Would you like a weekly dedicated topic to discuss things shipping related?
  • Yes
  • No

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  • Should we change our stance on shipping related posts (e.g., members posting up the receival of shipping confirmation/tracking details) to allow posts of this nature?
  • Yes
  • No

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If this dedicated topic is voted in: We ask any questions in relation to your specific order to be directed to our customer support team. Our support team are simply better equipped to answer your queries.
Although should be a given, I would please ask everyone to abide by our community guidelines, and please respect your fellow community members.
We understand that everyone is excited to get Spectrum, but if we could please ask again for your patience during this final phase. This would be greatly appreciated!
Let’s not forget:
Spectrum is coming!