Debate - dell xps 13 vs HP spectro x360 vs EVE V vs Surface pro

While im still waiting for the EVE V, i always like to check ALL the options.
so, hypothetically, can you guys offer and write your pros and cons to each option / your option?

the device will be in use as a student (notes and etc) and a programmer (lots of typing).

id like to get your opinion, and see your view on that subject, as what do you think will be better for my case, and with each of the options how do you think i should approach it and with each con what is the device that has that as a pro.

thank you, and i hope this is legit and not against the rules (if so, please forgive me)

see the second comment as a more detailed information.

Hiya there @GabiArzu! :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing - I think it completely depends on what money you can spend on each device - and that is a general rule when providing help with PCs/notebooks. Because at e.g. 900€ to spend things are completely different from e.g 1500€ - especially as programmer (speaking from experience) a lot of RAM is usually pretty useful and that comes with a higher price bracket.

So if you’re willing to elaborate a bit more on what you can spend (and maybe why you put those 4 devices in your personal inner circle to choose from) we can help you better! :slight_smile:


Of course.

My main thought is about the pen, because as a student i know i will use it to take notes (today using my laptop for partly notes taking with onenote without touchscreen) so the touchscreen with pen is necessary.
Also I’m looking for a good keyboard that I can use comfortably for long time as i code.
And the rest is kinda obvious - not too big / heavy, good screen without much reflect, long battery life, decent amount of ports, generally comfortable for use as pc or as tablet / notebook.

When it come to specs, minimum i5 with 8 gigs is obligated.

And pricing? Im not going to be cheap, and i rather get better experience than save a few bucks. So it’s all about the gain for the buck for me. Just the best and smartest choice for my needs, not 100$ but also not 2000$ for what i can gain for less.

I saw a review on YouTube (technobaffalo) where they reviewed the xps 13 and i saw it in use as a notebook but im not the how comfortable it is or how useful so any opinion or experience will be great.

You have two different form factors there, two with hinges that allow the keyboard to be folded out of the way and two where the keyboard cover can be detached. Does that matter to you?

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Actually i never used a pc with touch on daily basis, or 2 in 1.

It’s necessary to be comfortable for my use. If one is better at your opinion i would like to to hear it and why so.

Any thoughts?

It really depends on your situation. I am semi retired and no longer need a PC that I will use as a replacement while traveling for work. But I do prolific writing and want something which I can use for my writing. My publisher already said I overloaded them with the graphics I created for the book I have in publication (approximately 120 templates included in the book), so having something that could handle creating templates which can be webified is important to me (each will be published to a tool deployed in Java in some way, but I will use a third party for this, I no longer consider myself a crackerjack coder, as I have been responsible for a team of lead architects and DBAs for the past several years, and with my specialty being information economics, the ability to wield development tools is nice but the deployment of procedures for GDPR (the new European privacy standard), privacy shield (the US privacy standard) and such is of a higher importance. So for me, the ability to use Photoshop (in a very light way), Dreamweaver (again in a very light way), MS Access (for prototyping), Excel (for templates), information discovery tools and word is what is highly important. That will most probably be very different for you.

Interesting, and for your preference you see the EVE V as the best option?

I want something that I can use to read through manuscripts wherever and is small enough to be unobtrusive wherever I am. The tablet with extensibility is very pleasing (Thunderbolt 3) and battery life which will allow it to last all day without being tethered. I personally believe anything with less than 512 GB of disk space is a waste, I already use a large SD card for storing WIP, it would have been nice to have a full size SD card but I can work around that (the MicroSD cards have already caught up in speed to full SD cards so that limitation is now gone, bolt on HDs are possible as are Flash cards, but they alter the tablet form factor when offsite (I do a lot of advisory services to the advisory firms, and that requires limited offsite work to Connecticut and Boston).

Interesting, thank you for the prospective. Thinking about it the use of tablet as reading will be extremely beneficial for me.

I was to look ahead into Dell. But as soon as I saw no type a port. I just left. Sp4 was next but just the thought of being so old. Nothing else. Then I went to acer. Switch 5. Again. No reviews so can’t decide . Way too little information. Then I saw hp. No removable keyboard. Don’t want to press keys while I read articles. So it’s all b/w eve V and switch 5.