Dead after only 6 month

Hey guys and girls. Today is a sad day, because my Spectrum died today.

I still used it today for work, but later for gaming it was unable to start.
PC is connected via displayport, work laptop with usb-c.
I didn’t used the internal kvm. but is was permanently set to USB-B and USB-C speed was lowered for higher refreshrate.

But now theres no light and no detected hardware in the devicemanager. The PSU should work afaik. Atleast it provides 20V. I haven’t tested if it’s still 20V when it’s under load (and I don’t have the possibility atm).

I also tried to check it with the firmware updater but it said “device disconnected”.

Any ideas what I could try/check? :slight_smile:

Hi there!

First of all, welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear that your Spectrum is no longer working.

Just to clarify, when you said that the light no longer turn on, did you refer to the LED light indicator, or the backlight?

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Actually both :wink: but I meant the power/status LED. Not a single response after pressing the power button or the joystick.

Hi @cuxx,

I can only go as far when it comes to diagnostics but if both LED indicator and backlight refuse to turn on, then it can be either:

  1. The power supply failed to provide power to Spectrum (loose connection, faulty wiring)
  2. Hardware error on Spectrum.

Either way, I recommend you to reach out to support for this, as we are limited on what we can do to help you over here.

Another thing that you might want to try is to use a different power outlet in your home. It might be possible that there is some kind of interference in the current setup that causes the malfunction. But this is a very rare occurrence.

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Hi, I have two spectrums and one of them died a week ago as well. No power, no led, nothing. Tried switching PSU and it doesn’t help - the working monitor works on both PSUs and the faulty one has no power regardless which one is connected. The fact that it happened roughly at the same time as @cuxx is a bit worrying. I made a RMA request via the support a week ago, but haven’t got any response yet.

Hey @kodek

Can you DM me the ticket ID or order ID for this inquiry and I will inform support you are awaiting a response!

Sent you a DM. Thanks.

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Got it, they should be reaching out momentarily :slight_smile:

Can I DNM you too? I sent my monitor in for repair it has been delivered to you for 2 weeks and I haven’t heard nothing …

Hi there,

You can DM either of us, that is absolutely fine :slight_smile:

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Mine also had problems, I returned it on May the 5th for repair and I haven’t heard back about it since. Pretty bummed :frowning:

Can you please send me or Cas a DM with your order ID so we can get this looked into and resolved!

@Cas @Aethel I haven’t got any response about my ticket yet. How long do I have to wait for a response? :slight_smile:

Btw. the url in the automated answer shows to the old eve url >>

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Hey @cuxx Let me get this forwarded to them and let them know you are awaiting a response!

Can you provide me your order ID in a DM so I can let them know?

Hey, almost 2 months ago a person from customer support said that my monitor needs to be sent to your repair center and that I should provide the return address plus monitor serial number - I replied straight away with the required info and haven’t heared back since. The whole RMA process is taking over 2 months now and you still didn’t even pick up my monitor.

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Can you please DM me your ticket ID and I will get this taken care of for you!

DMed you the ticket ID

Hey, I have sent my monitor over a month ago and haven’t heard back since then. Could you please check what’s going on?

Good luck getting any response from Support. I opened a ticket 4 months ago for a defective monitor. At first Support was somewhat-responsive, up until the point we had exhausted troubleshooting steps, and I had provided photo documentation of the defect.

They said the monitor would have to be sent in for repair, I replied “Great, what’s the process and mailing address?”

They stopped responding after that. I’ve sent dozens of followup emails with no response. I’ve tried submitting new Tickets (even using different email addresses) to even try to start the process over again with a different support rep. ZERO response.

Have also tried paging people like @Cas to help, but so far not outcome or followup there either after 2-3 weeks.

What a dumpster fire.

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