Custom Skin for the V?

While D-Brand is pretty good, I’m not the biggest fan of their solid colors - a bit too bright for my tastes. While looking for alternatives I came across this site: which offers custom skin printing. I was thinking of getting a plain midnight blue skin printed, but might go the whole 9 yards and find a custom piece of art which I like and get it made. Just two questions:

  1. Has anyone experienced them before? If yes, what was the quality of the skin like? Did the sticker come off easily and without residue?
  2. Does anyone know the proper dimensions I should provide them for the V tablet? I got the following off Wikipedia (converted to cm becauuse Wrappz measures in centimetres):
    W: 29.591 cm H: 20.523 cm
    The closest measurements at Wrapz being:
    W: 29.5cm H: 20.5cm

Would this be accurate? Or close enough? I didn’t want to tag anyone from the team, for this but if anyone with any “official” knowledge on how a skin should be measured could chime in that would be awesome!

Alternatively, does any one have any experience with other sites which offer custom skins?

Hmm… Customs aren’t my type, i think dbrand’s style is a better fit for me.

But i shot wrappz an email, maybe they’ll come visit and you can ask your questions.

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i have a similar thought, the way i’m tackling it is ordering a wrap from Dbrand and get some printing shop to print and cut out according to measurements

look - i know we’re chinese and we’re supposed to be cheap bastards but at least have some standards.

…get the shop to apply for you also la.

@Wickedly, awesome, thanks for doing that! Didn’t even think to do so :sweat: Doh!

And yea, still torn between a custom image or a darker solid color. Let’s see!

@hiddenflaw - worst case imma go with this too!

They’ll be cutting, me am sticking it in