Crosshair is way off

The crosshair with firmware 104 is way off. It used to be fine then suddenly its way off than the actual game crosshair. Anyone knows how to fix this?IMG_4841

In the pic posted, the red one is the eve crosshair and the green one is the game crosshair.

Also, a suggestion to Eve, it would be good if we have an option to move the crosshair aim point on the screen where ever we want, something that Samsung does with odyssey monitors.

When the crosshair is on screen, you can push up/down on the joystick at the back of the Spectrum to change the crosshair’s position on screen. It moves in fairly chunky increments, about the length of one of those line segments, so 1 increment up should put it in approximately the right position.


I just noticed this the other day. I was like oh… if I played games that would be cool.