Crosshair features missing?

I have the option to turn the crosshair on, all I get a very small 2x2 or 4x4 white box. I don’t see the option to change it. I am also only able to move it vertically and not horizontally when using the joy stick. As pushing left or right on it turns off the crosshair or fps counter. Which is a cool feature.

Have you updated the Spectrum’s firmware?

Under the Gaming section of the OSD, there should be an option for Crosshair style (Dot, Cross, Eve) and Crosshair color (White, Red, Black).

If you’re not seeing these options then you might need to update to the 102R875 firmware. If your Spectrum reports 102 as the firmware version, that’s older than 102R875.


If someone from the Eve team see’s this, can a purple at least please be added - red, black and white all conflict with common in game colours.
This was mentioned multiple times during the development stage.

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I found that my Spectrum reports 102 as the firmwarre version,and i can’t find the 102R875 firmware on the page of “support\download”.Could you pleas tell me where the new firmware is?

The 102 firmware that’s currently there to download (dated 12/07/2021) is the 102R875 firmware. It’s not obvious that there’s any difference between this and what’s shipped on Spectrums, but trust me, it’s different.


As an option, a contrast stroke could be added: e.g. a combination of white crosshair and black stroke would be clearly visible on any background.



Thank you! It looks like there are some new options in the new firmware.I’m happy to see that i can change the indicatorlight and crosshair style,and always turn on the USB hub.

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