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I’m recently retired from the corporate world and earnestly renewing my lifelong passion for photography and graphic arts. I’ve always had a strong interest in tech toys. So happy to read that you are connecting with the folks at Wacom. A bigger, better, bolder alternative to Surface would be amazing! As appealing as it has sounded, I am holding off on purchasing the Surface Pro 4 at this time. Still have not found that one just right device I can use to run Lightroom, On1’s version 10 software (which will become a newer version to process RAW images this Fall), Photoshop, and QImage (a printing program I’ve favored for many years). As a creative arts productivity tool, I am seeking a form factor that will support these Windows programs along with a touch sensitive stylus. As I travel a lot, portability is important.
Keep up the great work!


Welcome to the community! If you have any questions don’t hesitate in asking! :wink:

Since I don’t use those programs, what’s the absolute minimum those require as specs are concerned?

Regarding the stylus we’ll have a Wacom pen and with Windows Ink coming along the way I think that’ll serve all your desires!

And please, if you don’t mind, express your pains and needs in this thread:
The more use cases we have, the more complete and better will the Pyramid Flipper be! :wink:

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Don’t worry, these will be supported :slight_smile: I see your use cases and I believe that the PF is the perfect device for you! If you’re doing some v ery heavy work (especially movie rendering or 3d modeling), you might want a graphics card, but even then we’ve got you covered with eGPU :slight_smile:
And welcome to the community! :slight_smile: I would like to invite you to post your use case and the problems you encounter in the “pains and pills” thread, that @Artur linked above.

And it will be better yet when you will be able to plug in the core in the PF when you are at home, as Adobe suite is pretty good at utilizing GPU power!

HI, I will also be looking to use the Eve as by travel PC for editing in the field and away. I use the Adobe Photography CC suite (LR/PS) and would also be interested in confirming if tethering (normally USB to LR or Capture1) is feasible? Looking forward to the Eve as it will replace by Toshiba Ultrabook which is a new years old now.

wait. I thought the pen tech was NTrig? Eve connected with Wacom? Where have I been?

As far as I know the pen tech we use now is NTrig, but there was the option of going Wacom if we went with a more expensive panel.
See this thread for more info:

Not sure if this is the right thread to ask (if not, remove it): I am using Art Rage (digital painting) and only for that I purchased a Surface Pro 4, which is “screenwise” amazing (as its name indicates).
But: I had to buy a matte screen protector since I don’t like glossy screens, and I use it without the keyboard b/c I do not like their keyboards (tried it out, not judging only from pictures). So I have another tiny laptop & Surface, and my dream was that there would be a device which would combine the two in one ;)…
Question, the screen capacity to paint (pressure sensitivity etc…) would be the same as of the Surface? And Software like Art Rage compatible (as it is W 10)?

It’s the same. You can even use your SP4 pen with the V. And if your program is running at SP4 it will of course run on V too. But imagine: V has no matte display. There is just a coating to reduce reflexions. But colors are better on the V than on your SP4.

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And I have not seen (was looking for it) a comparison of brightness
specification, only the statement that it would be brighter…