Creating a Backup

A lot of people on this forum are really smart and techy and others (me) are not. I’d like to have a backup for my V in case something goes wrong down the line.

So techy friends: what do you consider the best way to create backup for our Vs when they arrive soon?

It’s been shared that one can download the win 10 iso and no key is required. May be prudent to do this onto a USB before you crash though. Alternatively one can image backup when you first receive the system

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and what about the screen calibration? is there anyway to save it?


As in a backup computer to use, or a backup of your data?

If the data, you can backup your hard drive to an external after you install your preferred basic programs.

If you use multiple computers for work/file management, you can get an Office365 subscription that comes with Microsoft OneDrive storage to keep designated folders from your computer on the cloud. Windows can get you 5GB free, 50GB for $2/month. I don’t know the storage limits when you lump it in with 365 subscriptions.

Past that, you can create a file server on your home network to connect multiple computers to for storage and media streaming. You can either dedicate an old desktop computer to this task, or you can purchase a dedicated hardware solution to do this for you.

With Office 365 you get 1 to up 5 TB of free space. Personal (1 TB) - family 5 accounts by 1 TB (up to 5 TB).

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Buy a spare V :smiley:


Like a backup of the computer in its pristine stock state.

Ghost it with for example CloneZilla :slight_smile:

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I believe the team mentioned they’d make sure it’s available online.

i must have missed it, thanks.
As it is an individual file for each V, i assumed they would somehow send it with each V

Yeah it would be loaded and the V calibrated before it leaves the factory - they want us to have the best possible screen and calibration when it ships!

You don’t need a back up if you haven’t installed anything yourself. If you want to reset it to how it came from the factory, you can reinstall Windows.
If you want to make a full backup with all the apps you’ve installed and the files you have on the SSD, you can follow the guide:

You will be able to restore that backup even if Windows is not booting anymore, but I don’t know if it’s worth using so much space for a backup when you can instead backup your most important files, and when shit hits the fan, reinstall clean Windows, put those files back and re-download all your apps. Much more work, but disk space isn’t free.

@netkid23 I doubt they would do that, as it would mean storing a file for each and every V they sell on their server. But they said the file would be stored in BIOS so it could be recovered.


I think @netkid23 was talking about the software to ‘reinstall’ the color profile from the saved file in the BIOS. But I do wonder if we could extract it and save a copy on Google Drive or something just incase something happens to the BIOS? Has that been mentioned?

Ah, yeah that is right, it will be available for download. As for extracting it, it’s pretty straightforward: if the calibration software can access it, it means any software can access it. So it will be possible, the question is how easily. But I think I saw in some Linux related thread that they switched to an open format to make it usable in other OS, so they probably thought about extracting it too.