"Crazy cool": How Indiegogo describes dough.community, the V, and the success you created!

This is something to note!

Crowd-developed computer Eve V. You know it has been successful.
This short clip shows just how inspired even the people at the very top of the crowd platforms:

Indiegogo co-founder Danae praising the crazy cool action we got!

They may have seen it all, but nothing like this before.

You created this storm, yaayyyy!

Keep on rocking thru the last moments of the Indiegogo super deals (here), and always, always at dough.community!


It is so great to see, that all the community work is getting recognized at a greater level.


For those who don’t know this was at Slush this year (Helsinki)! Was around end November and 1st December if I’m not mistaken. Really great to see such influential people excited with the Eve V and what we’re doing here. Even Satya Nadella has expressed his interest in this venture! :slight_smile:


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This came up today also!
How Helsinki’s Eve V crowdsourced computer could rival Apple:



They have a mistake there :expressionless: They called the tablet “Eve 5” :frowning:

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Classical training then - the Roman numeral!

The V is not meant to stand for a number… It was chosen due to its resemblance to a flipped pyramid IIRC, but it was never meant to be interpreted as a roman numeral. I mean it doesn’t even make sense - if Eve V is 5, then what’s 1, 2, 3 and 4?

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windows 7 8 10
nvidia 7 9 10
htc one one one 10
xbox 360 one

Suddenly doesn’t seem so unlikely now, does it?! Electronic manufacturers can’t count! :smiley:
Kidding aside, I think for someone outside the community it’s quite reasonable to assume it stands for a 5 but without checking that fact I wouldn’t publish it in an article.


I would like to remind you that Nvidia did have 8, but only for laptops :stuck_out_tongue:
And HTC had more like 10x One and then 10: remember One X, it’s the smartphone that started this whole One family (and IIRC it was the first fully quad-core smartphone to be released worldwide). Then followed a big bunch of different cut-down versions of it, for narrower purposes (one with big screen, one with selfie cam, etc.) and only then the (in)famous One M7 :slight_smile:
But yes, hardware manufacturers obviously can’t count to 10 without skipping a number :smile:

(Just my 2 cents here)

Well, there’s a reason why it’s called the Eve 5 in the press, you know? It’s because we’re making the Surface Pro 5 obsolete before it’s released :wink:
All jokes aside, I’m not sure why the press is calling it the Eve 5, I’d personally be more glad if they’d just call it “the Eve” like people called Nintendo Gameboys always just “the Nintendo” instead of calling it the Eve 5.