Could the V be good for school use?

Hello I am new in here and if this topic doesn’t match with the category let me know or an admin could move it to the right category :slight_smile:

I just wanted to ask if I can use the eve (the cheapest) for school use I will just be using it for google drive, slide, photoshop and some coding? about 7-8 hours a day

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I think it would work well for school. Good size and form factor.

Only thing I would be concerned about is how much rough and tumble it would take moving between lessons, during breaks etc? How old are you? If you are at university then obviously discard what I put, the V is perfect, but if you are 14/15 maybe something sturdier / cheaper is better?

Not saying the V isn’t solid build quality btw, just I wouldn’t have liked taking something like that to school when I was there as it’d prob be in a school bag that was doubling up as a goalpost at lunchtime :smiley:


What type of work will you developing? Some workflows aren’t ‘great’ with the Eve V.

yes ish*
as a student who uses the V every day… i can say the V is perfect for your situation. However, my workloads are always varying.
I.e from 7:00am to13:00pm, my v may be on a extremely demanding workloads (CAD). So around lunch time my v need a little more juice to keep it going to the rest if the day (16:30pm).

Bro. Wait just a little more (2 weeks). Im currently developing a case for my V. My services are available so if you wanna a case, email me

Ya if he’s regularly coding in school at 14/15 I don’t think we need to worry about football being played at break or after school.

More likely the V would be in the A/V room, with d&d reference books open.


I am using the V also in my Study buisness informatics. Its very useful for graphs and LIna1 and Ana1, mikro/Makro (VWL in german). I am studying 3 days a week for 10 hours (7 hours V working, 3 hours idle (breaks)). The V can survive the day without charging, but you have to set it to the darkest brightness. Because i am one of the people with the “Palm reaction and pen recognition failures while charging”, this bug is a little bit annoying, but Eve is (hopefully) working on it.

But studying with the V is very much easier than the traditional paper or computers. I can recommend you the V for this use!


What type of case? Any images of it?

Haha not all coders are basement dwellers.

I spent lots of time on PC’s from 12 yrs old (can’t code for shit) but still played a lot of sport and time outdoors.

Im still wirking on it. First prototype maybbe out in a week’s time. But i assure you. The case will always satisfy my needs as a student.
The case will:

  1. Protect the V from drops and bumps
  2. Not restricted thermal preformance
  3. Not be bulky yet sturdy
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