Connecting the V easily USBc hub

FYI After thinking about various options have chosen a Letscom 8 in 1 usb hub USBC002 from shortlist which included all the key attributes and decision made on Amazon reviews and that Lenovo brand it as their USB hub

All works out of the box and the charge pass through means just one rather than 4 connections- although now route audio through the speakers on my LG TV monitor via HDMI rather than separate speakers. The extra of an audio port would have been ideal - those with one seemed to be more a 3 rather than 5 star rating

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The problem with this type of hub is that the USB Type-C cable is not long enough for the V… It looks really bad hanging by the side when plugged on to the V… Plus it will be dangerous that way when the V topples over… I can just imaging what will happen… :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

Its very hard to find a good value usb c 3.1 hub. With 10gb ethernet,4k hdmi,and more.

With those kind of spects you can’t really expect to find cheap ones…

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I am looking for a USB C hub with 2 HDMI, LAN and power delivery connections? Any suggestions?

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Totally agree - all of these hubs seem to be around 10-15 cm. Not a huge issue for me as I have used an external keyboard and monitor for many years with my previous laptops

It is the regular complaint of feedback - manufacturers don’t seem too worried about it! Maybe they want to see extension leads which defeats the object really for the end user

I as well am looking for a true dual monitor dock, extended desktop.

Found only these alternatives, very pricey as the dock needs to be Thunderbolt3, not USB C:

I have not tested any of the above, but someone from the community had tested the second in the list

THX for the links and suggestions - it is really a very pricy solution …

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