Connecting the Eve Pen

I have the original Eve computer and have the Eve Pen.

I cannot find any documents or videos on how to set up, connect and use the pen.

Any help is appreciated.


There is no setup or connection that is required. If the pen is not working, two things to check:

  • Windows shows that the system has pen and touch support (settings → system → about)
  • the pen has a fresh battery. It takes a AAAA battery. Do not remove the paper that surrounds the battery as that damages the contacts - just remove the old battery and replace with a new AAAA.

Thanks Phil that was what I needed.

A little late on the paper (it’s gone)…is there something I can do?

Also, there is no way to turn the pen off so when stored the battery isn’t draining?

If whoever removed the paper did it carefully, the pen may be fine - the paper is clearly not needed but it is attached to the contacts in a way that can damage them if its removed. There is no on-off switch for the pen. I think the battery lasts a 1-2 years in standby when not being used.

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