Connecting keybord via bluetooth ---> Windows should switch in desktop mode

Windows stays in Tablet Mode when the keyboard connects via bt, wit the pogo pins it switchs automatik in desktop mode.

Any idea if this is possible?

I do not find such a setting

IT should ask if you want automatically swtich to tablet mode when you first time disconnect the keyboard. You should answer no to that.

I’m actually not sure if the auto switching between desktop and tablet mode are based on ‘a keyboard being available’, or on a specific trigger. Someone with a V could test this by plugging in a USB keyboard – if it offers to switch to desktop mode, then it might also work with a Bluetooth keyboard. If it doesn’t trigger from a USB keyboard, it won’t do it from Bluetooth either way. As far as I know it’s a Windows limitation, though…

(I should get my hands on a V for testing soon, so if nobody has had an opportunity to test this I’ll test this myself and get back to you.)

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On the surface I’m pretty sure it’s only when you disconnect the type cover.

@MarekW In settings one can disable tablet mode altogether:

System > Tablet mode > When this device automatically switches tablet mode on or off

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I tested to connect USB mouse, USB Keyboard, seperate and together with an USB Hub…

V (Windows) stay`s in tablet mode.

there you can only select:

  • to do nothing
  • ask if mode should change
  • change without asking

the Problem is that Windows himself don`t want to Change the mode…