Concerns about loose cable

Recently, I’ve read a review on NotebookCheck and something caught my attention. I’m concerned about the loose fitting of main cable for charging which has been described here:

Can someone explain what’s the issue here? For me, it could even be a deal breaker. If it’s true what reviewer is writing about, I might even consider abandoning the idea of buying the Eve V altogether.

(also I’m sorry in advance if I posted this in a wrong place)

That review was the first and only place I’ve read about that problem. No other review states something similar.


Yes, that is correct, that’s the only site that states this kind of issue. Let’s hope that they just had some unit with a little defect, and everyone else’s V will be just fine. But I would gladly look forward to getting an official response from the Team.

Yes to be frank we never experienced it before. We are getting those notebook check units back to understand what was their issue.


Thanks for a very quick response!

Konstantinos forgot (he’s got a lot on his mind) to mention, that these connectors have been tested with 5K and 10K insertions.

Maybe this video from Linus Sebastian (Linus Tech Tips) also puts you at ease. In this video the USB Type-C becomes loose after a thousand insertions, but continues to function without a hitch even with 10K insertions:

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Did any of the prototype testers expierence this issue?

nope - as Konsta mentioned above, they have never experienced this.

I suspect it was a one-off. :slight_smile:

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And off course it had to be one of the most reputable sites that apparently got the one off :disappointed:. Dumb luck is a cruel thing sometimes


I have one of our first prototype units with me that dates back to February and back then it was sometimes even hard to pull the cable out :slight_smile:

So - never seen that happen or seen anything in our bug reports.

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As I prototype tester I confirm too, that I never had this problem with even with the Proto-2 edition given to me for testing and also not observed that any of the other tester ever complained about it.

Hint: The best way to look if this was ever reported, is to do a search in this community, and there will be some mention of it, if not then it would be one of case. If yes, then it would be only with the prototype, and if that was reported in prototype, i could have been already fixed before Production.

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Well the V is slanted at the sides and the USB C isn’t a super tight fit. But it’s not like it’ll just fall of randomly, it’s fine.


Actually quite the contrary, I find the V prototype’s USB-C much stiffer than my phone’s.

Did notebookcheck check all three units for the problem to see if it was just a problem with the i5 they had?

what’s the deal the notebookcheck? it seems that the bad news all come from them ._.

As mentioned in my update post about press we did send press units from the first test runs with minor defects:

That’s probably what those guys are experiencing:) It probably wasn’t the smartest decision to send devices like that to press but on the other hand we knew all of the issues before we have started the production of HEBs so we were able to fix mistakes that we made for press shipping:)


Cause I’m curious: regarding Germany, did you send test units to heise or golem?

I am sure we have sent to Bild but not sure about Golem and Heise


Heise should be on the list IMHO. I am quite sure they are mentioned multiple times when you asked back then in April/May…

You can pretty much dissregard it.
The V charges using a standard USB type-C connector.
Is no more loose or tight that any other such connector.

Have into account that booth the cable and the connector have small fabrication tolerances. So if one given port is a bit bigger and the connector on the cable is a bit smaller you might notice something. Same happens with multiple macbooks Pros and their charging cables I’ve tried. I would not go as far a calling it “loose” by any means.

But what they complain about is not even that, and is pretty much nonsene: Just because a bit of the metal shielding on the usb-C connector shows on the underside of the V:

The port is NOT loose, the cable is NOT loose. Its a bit exposed. So what? It happens all the time and there is no risk of anything: